Today's Opinions

  • Proposed development contrary to regulations

    To the editor:

    Developer Sammy Varnam is apparently unhappy with regulations that have been enforced in Palm Cove. Likely the root of Varnam’s frustration is that he doesn’t understand the regulations. Palm Cove is subject not only to state regulations, but is also in a federal VE Flood Zone, the most dangerous place on the coast to build. These zones are subject to strict federal requirements that must be met in order for the town or the county to participate in the federally subsidized flood insurance program.

  • Taking town property for developers

    To the editor:

    Let me get this straight: My North Carolina state Sen. Bill Rabon has teamed up with local developers to promote a bill (Senate Bill 875) to de-annex — that is, to take property the developers want to develop from the town of Sunset Beach and move it to the county.

  • No need to be a newspaper thief

    To the editor:

    I detest people who insert 75 cents into a newspaper box and take more than one paper.

    I witnessed this about 1:15 p.m. May 25 from the Beacon box at Sunoco Station in Calabash. It’s not like the gentleman couldn’t afford more than one paper (much less read more than one), and he had a vanity plate. Heck, if he could afford the vanity plate, he could certainly not play the game of taking two papers. I must wonder if this is a regular thing for him.

  • North Carolina is no police state

    To the editor:

    In her letter of May 19, Susan Scherer wrote North Carolina is a “police state” because “registered voters have to show a picture ID or they will be turned away and not allowed to vote.” Such comment compels response.

  • How come Sunset Beach developers want de-annexation?

    To the editor:

    As a 10-year, full-time resident of Sunset Beach, I’d like to state I’m against Senate Bill 875, but I was in favor of the bridge, park and boat ramp.

    My question is: What caused these three developers to suddenly want a de-annexation? They apparently were happy with the town when they decided to develop here.

  • Ocean Ridge needs answers

    To the editor:

    I have been dismayed by the feeling of Ocean Isle Beach versus Ocean Ridge at recent public meetings regarding the Ocean Isle Beach Park expansion project. It seems that some residents in the area have the impression that Ocean Ridge residents don’t care about parks and/or ball fields for kids and that Ocean Ridge is against this project just because it is adjacent to Ocean Ridge. As we have learned from Commissioner Thompson’s recent site visit, most do not understand how close this is to our homes.

  • Communication breakdowns offer teachable moments

    Last Thursday night, I returned to the office to finish a few tasks I didn’t complete before my dinner date with my high school boyfriend’s parents here in Shallotte.

    Robert and Kathy Hall, of King, have known me most of my life, starting when I dated their only child back in the ‘80s. They, like Keith, have been my dear friends since then. These days, they venture to Brunswick County with members of their church at least once a year. Ever since I moved here almost three years ago, they’ve made a point of treating me to dinner during their visit.

  • Photos enhance story of 50-year marriage

    By Sharon Markatos

    Guest Columnist

    Being married 50 years is quite an accomplishment, but not that unusual. The circumstances behind how my husband, John Markatos, and I, the former Sharon Thompson, met are quite unique.

    In 1943, a photograph was taken of my brother standing next to my mother, who was holding John and pregnant with me. The Markatos family and the Thompson family lived in a four-family house on the East Side of Cleveland, Ohio.