Today's Opinions

  • Defunding program doesn’t meet common good

    To the editor:

    The Trump administration released a preliminary 2018 budget proposal March 16, and we could use one.

    In the past, I’ve written about policies with bad outcomes. Today, I’d like to say a few words about what drives policies. Meals On Wheels brought this to mind.

  • Trump should set example

    To the editor:

    Dear President Trump, I am a registered Independent who supports your efforts to bring jobs back to America.

  • Endless caterwauling

    To the editor:

    The endless caterwauling over immigration that obsesses the dysfunctional media, sophomoric political pundits and many of both political parties can be dismissed by answering two questions: First, can morally justifiable reasons exist for excluding or ejecting some people from our country? Second, if there are, who has the right to make such decisions?

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist

    Last week in the North Carolina House of Representatives, we passed tougher penalties for felony death by boating, we made changes to the selection of judges, we met with a coastal advocacy group and we continued to work on local bills.

  • You decide: What is your local economy?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    North Carolina has a lot of local governments. To be exact, there are 100 counties and 552 municipalities in the state. North Carolina is one of only seven states with triple digits in the number of counties, with Texas taking the prize at 254. We’re 18th among states in the number of municipalities, but far below the record holder of Illinois with 2,729.

  • Politicians’ take on health insurance is sickening

    To the editor:

    Every time I hear a politician say, “lowering deductibles will lower premiums,” I want to throw a shoe at the TV screen. I have been selling health insurance for 25 years and I have to tell you the opposite is true.

  • Common sense hard to find

    To the editor:

    It has been awhile since I found myself among so many ignorant people as when I attended Congressman David Rouzer’s March 6 town hall at Brunswick County Community College. Since my wife and I struggled so much to hear, we left. As we left, it occurred to me how ironic it was that so many people with warped minds would gather at a learning institution. Perhaps they wanted to register but discovered they would need to pay for their education as I did. Common sense and decency are not subjects being taught anyway.

  • Even when you don't have time for one, birthdays happen anyway

    Here it is, March 13, my birthday, and I’ve spent the past 14 hours of it at the office.

    I’m happy to have made it through another year of life and I’m the last person to complain about spending it at work, because my Beacon coworkers are more like family to me than most of my blood relatives. (I have a lot of them — my maternal grandmother alone was one of 11 surviving children who all had children of their own.)

    This year’s birthday started out feeling like a bother, though.