Today's Opinions

  • Mother’s Day memories from a lucky son

    By Mike O’Hare

    Guest Columnist


    Anna Jarvis, from Grafton, W.Va., had the great idea for Mother’s Day and President Woodrow Wilson established it as a national holiday in 1914. Thanks Anna, because Mother’s Day has given me some great memories.

    The day before Mother’s Day, Dad would buy a corsage for Mom to wear to church on Sunday. We’d try to hide it in the refrigerator behind something; I’m pretty sure she saw it most years but acted surprised anyhow on Sunday morning.

  • Show support for SBHS sports

    To the editor:

    South Brunswick High School’s athletics are a few steps behind the rest of the schools in Brunswick County. I’m not talking about their records, but in terms of the equipment and facilities the teams at South Brunswick have.

  • Hospitals offer no healthful vending choices

    To the editor:

    I had occasion recently to visit two area hospitals. To my dismay, but not surprise, their vending machines offered a vast selection of sugar-filled snacks, candy and sodas.

    I was hard-pressed to find a reasonably healthy choice. One machine I saw offered only sodas — no water or even healthier juice.

    Shame on these hospitals (I’m sure there are others) for not insisting on healthier choices in their vending machines. After all, they are supposed to be “health” institutions.

    Carol DeLude

  • Making our county a community

    Last week, I had the privilege to represent the Beacon at the General Federation of Women’s Clubs-South Brunswick Islands’ “A Night of Benevolence — Caring for Our Community” at Shallotte Presbyterian Church.

    I have to admit I hadn’t planned on attending — it took place April 27, the night before our production day when deadlines for the week’s next edition bear down on us — but the group’s president, Cindy Hewett was insistent. I’m glad I went.

  • ONDBEAT: 'HOA Wars' author shines floodlight on gated communities

    Robert Stern knows the intricacies of living in a gated community.

    After all, he resided and served on the board in one of those exclusive enclaves ruled by a homeowners association (HOA) back in Henderson, Nev. Locally, Stern owns another house in Ocean Ridge Plantation, another HOA-POA community.

    A few years ago, through his HOA residency and involvement in the Silver State, Stern found himself embroiled in legal battles with what he deemed power-hungry board members who summoned their lawyer when he questioned their modus operandi.

  • District 17 House update

    This week we debated and passed at least two very controversial bills on judicial elections and abortion; we passed a record number of bills out of committees and directly onto the House floor; and we put in the longest days of the session so far, going more than 14 hours.

    The week started off in Raleigh very warm, but turned cooler as the days went on. The attitudes of the legislators were also hot and cold, depending on whether our bills were getting passed.

  • Why have some states recovered faster?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    The economic world doesn’t treat everyone and everything equally. We clearly see this in the ongoing debates about income inequality, CEO pay, the minimum wage and taxes. Another way we see this is in economic geography. For example, in North Carolina, for several decades we have watched urban counties adding jobs and incomes at a much higher rate than rural counties.

  • Sunset Beach tax hike proposal indicates poor job

    To the editor:
    I read with shock and dismay that Sunset Beach has spent more money than revenue received in all but one of the last five years. The town is now proposing a 60-percent tax hike. I assume this outrageous increase being proposed will be cut to 30 percent by town council, who will tell the taxpayers what a good job they are doing. A 30-percent increase is not a good job! Continuously spending more than you take in is not a good job. Continuously telling the public that finances are in good shape when obviously they are not is not a good job.