Today's Opinions

  • Commercial cabana ban will be more costly than it seems

    To the editor:

    My family and I, including four grandchildren, vacation at Sunset Beach every year. We always rent a cabana because it would be impossible for us to bring one with us since we have a distance to travel. Rental is our only option.

    We are reminded constantly about the dangers of excessive sun exposure. Having sun protection, especially with little children, is absolutely essential.

  • Call for an end to seismic testing

    To the editor:

    Seismic testing’s deafening noise threatens marine mammals and ocean ecosystems. The air guns used for testing have been shown to impact whales and has led to a dramatic decline in tuna production.

  • Cabana ban is an inferior, unnecessarily hurtful policy

    To the editor:

    Is Sunset Beach going to set up a hiring hall to connect apparently plentiful, affordable, reliable, honest and willing kids with this non-local 70-year-old to work split-day hours to set up and take down his cabana six times a week?

  • Sunset Beach should restore its last cabana policy

    To the editor:

    My family and I have been vacationing at Sunset Beach for 10 years. We bring five to six families and rent at least five houses every summer in July. We greatly enjoy the town and the beach.

    This talk of banning cabanas or making them self-setup is quite disappointing. I can tell you for certain we would seriously have to reconsider vacationing in Sunset Beach without the protection from the sun (and occasionally rain) these cabanas afford us. We rent three cabanas per day for a week every season.

  • Sunset Beach looks to be in better hands

    To the editor:

    I do not watch “Game of Thrones,” but I can imagine the plots must be or resemble the recent intrigue generated in town hall at Sunset Beach. The “warlords” have been replaced or soon to be replaced with stewards that will have a new agenda and a new purpose. The deposed go out with a flourish of doom and gloom. Not surprising they leave unceremoniously with the promise of a kingdom in ruins.

    The game changed. Like it or not, the game goes on.

  • Firing of town administrator is a travesty

    To the editor:

    A packed Sunset Beach Town Council chamber was stunned when three members of council voted to fire Town Administrator Susan Parker without cause despite speaker after speaker expressing respect for her and enumerating her strong points.

    And then came the resignation of Mayor Robert Forrester, who said he could no longer work with people who have personal vendettas.

  • Sunset Beach loses its honor and gains chaos

    To the editor:

    If I had a magic wand, I would wave it over Sunset Beach and heal the evil that visited the town March 5.

    This is a fragile time for the future of this town. The integrity of democracy is under attack by three who want to take the town in a “different direction,” which is the fountainhead of their incomprehensible action. When questioned by Mayor Robert Forrester about what that direction is, none could answer. Apparently they have no idea. I wonder who is driving this action?

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist

    With the North Carolina General Assembly being officially out of session, all our time is spent in committee meetings and events both in Raleigh and back in our home districts.

    Last week I attended plenty of both. We met with our transportation oversight committee in Raleigh and I had meetings with groups and individuals in all parts of our district in Brunswick County.