Today's Opinions

  • Keep proper high school colors

    To the editor:

    Contrary to popular belief, black is not the new color for West Brunswick High School. There are only two official school colors: Kelly green and white. I know. I am a retired faculty member who was there the year the school opened, and I know what is on the school charter.

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist

    Editor’s note: The representative’s legislative updates will continue to be published for the duration of the General Assembly’s short session, which has been extended beyond its expected July 1 conclusion.


  • Sometimes memories can sting worse than wasps

    I’m finding it a little more difficult than usual to bang out this week’s column because my hand and forearm are smarting after I got stung by a swarm of wasps this past Sunday.

    Here’s what happened: I worked myself into a tizzy worrying about my house back in South Carolina, so I decided to drive up and check on it in person, just to give myself some peace of mind. When I got there, I walked up to my front porch, exactly the way I did when I lived there, and pulled open the storm door, as had been my routine.

  • Celebrating summer vacation and a chance to cross the pond again

    When it came time to plan another vacation this year — sometimes newspaper people get to do that — I once again chose the UK.

    “Why are you going back to England?” minds inquiring into my bidniz demanded to know.

    Well, I needed to check on Prince George (last year I crossed the pond anticipating and just missing the tiny royal’s birth). Great Britain also has Great Cider, and I speak the language. Sort of.

  • Hewett’s story a cautionary tale for youth

    To the editor:

    It seems that everywhere one goes in Brunswick County for the past few days, all you hear is stories about Ronald Hewett. So many people are passing judgment and making statements that have not been confirmed.

  • Where’s the donkey?

    To the editor:

    Where’s the donkey?

    I found Adam in the garden. I found God covering him with skins, but I have yet to find God killing an animal to get those skins. I found Gabriel. I found Michael. I found all manner of angels in both testaments, but I have yet to find one angel having the gender or form of those blonde females and naked babies with wings sitting on our fireplace mantle.

  • Good Samaritans on Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    My granddaughters and I were at Sunset Beach on Friday, July 18. Coming out of the ocean we saw our belongings neatly stacked on our chairs away from the approaching tide. Thank you so much to the unknown Good Samaritans for saving our things.


    Rita McLean

    Sunset Beach

  • Community makes CNA Week wonderful

    To the editor:

    Our community made Certified Nursing Week wonderful. CNA week was celebrated in June. The CNAs are not just the backbone of a nursing facility, but also a great addition to any community. The outpouring of donations from local business was amazing.