Today's Opinions

  • NCDOT reminds motorists to keep alert for deer

    By Kevin Lacy

    Guest Columnist

    As the temperature starts dropping and leaves start falling, another sign of the changing season is more deer along North Carolina roadways, and in turn a greater chance of a collision with a deer.

    Over the last three years (between 2012 and 2014), nearly half of the 58,372 animal-related crashes in the state took place in October through December. About 90 percent of those involved deer.

  • Economic picture not quite so rosy

    To the editor:

    In response to Anne T. Bailey’s letter to the editor in last week’s edition, the economy is not quite so rosy. A disappointing 142,000 jobs were added last month (200,000 was expected) and July and August jobs were revised down by 59,000.

    The National Association of Realtors states the recovery is slowing and home sale prices are trending down. According to government statistics, the “real” unemployment rate is 10.5 percent when consideration is given to people who have stopped looking for a job.

  • Vote based on action, not name recognition

    To the editor:

  • Writer does not recognize beauty of Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    In response to Jim Thomas’ letter to the editor in last week’s edition regarding Sunset Beach town councilmen Wilson Sherrill and Mike Williams: Thank you. What a glowing letter of endorsement for all the work these two have done for the town.

    Evidently none of the other council members have lifted a finger in the last four years. The writer does not understand the approval process or chooses to ignore it, but it takes three affirmative votes to take any action, so Wilson and Mike could not have done this much on their own.

  • Use courtesy after using shopping carts

    To the editor:

    I work at Fantastic Sam’s hair salon in Carolina Commons in Carolina Shores. As most know, there is a Food Lion in the shopping center. If you are done shopping for your groceries and after you have loaded them into your vehicle, put your shopping cart back into the assigned space for the carts.

    I just watched a man roll the cart right into the empty parking space beside his car and just leave it. Don’t you realize the carts roll? One gust of wind or any tiny movement, that cart is into the side of someone’s vehicle.

  • Party of no better than party of lies

    To the editor:

  • Remember Carolina Shores storm response

    To the editor:

    I have lived in Carolina Shores for 19 years and have been through every storm since then. The first couple of years, the community was part of Calabash. The town would have someone riding around to check on the damage and offer help to the residents that needed it. After Carolina Shores became a town, it would also have someone checking on the damage for many years after storms. They would have you put the debris from the storm on the side of the road and the town would haul it away.

  • Vote for Carolina Shores incumbents

    To the editor:

    As a citizen and commissioner of Carolina Shores, I am writing this letter to enthusiastically endorse Mayor Walter Goodenough and commissioners Bill Brennan, Joe Przywara and John Russo for re-election Nov. 3.

    These four gentlemen, whom I have proudly served with, have demonstrated through cooperation and civic prudency, a true sense of community. The record shows the current mayor and board truly care about our entire town and have worked to improve the quality of the town and all its citizens.