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  • Get teacher pay act together

    To the editor:

    Based upon the broken promises made by GOP leaders in Raleigh during 2013, I thought that it would take at least the six-week (short) session for a 2014 promise to be broken.

    Unfortunately, it took six days or less for the governor to promise additional funding for a teacher pay raise and the GOP house speaker pro tem to reject that proposal. He said school districts could shift state money designated for one purpose and use it for another: teacher salary increases. Simply, he wants to “rob Peter to pay Paul(ine).”

  • Timely words

    To the editor:

  • Temples of the Holy Spirit

    To the editor:

    Marijuana is not a “safe” drug, as most people have come to realize. This drug destroys brain cells, while simultaneously destroying a person’s lungs. The THC released

    by inhaling smoke from a marijuana plant is the active ingredient in producing the high feeling. This feeling is never as good as the first time, which can lead a person toward addiction.

  • Waive the residency rule for veterans

    To the editor:

    Recently, I saw a report about military personnel being discharged in North Carolina. These veterans only want to take advantage of the benefi ts offered to them, one of which is getting a college education here in North Carolina.

  • Town should surrender its recycling center

    To the editor:

    After reading the article on the Carolina Shores recycling center (the dump) employee and the utter stupidity of the complaints, I have decided it is time for the entire maintenance staff and its supervisor to be replaced by a competent organization like Waste Industries.

  • Don’t mistake journalism for PR

    The author George Orwell is credited with saying, “Journalism is printing what someone else doesn’t want printed. Everything else is public relations.”

    I’d like to take that definition a step further by saying journalism is printing what someone else doesn’t like — especially when it comes to reporting on government meetings.

    These stories always boil down to the same thing: Providing accounts of what was said and done, and by whom. That’s the sole purpose of meeting coverage.

  • Valentine’s Day romantic tactics revealed

    Saint Valentine stuck his neck out for love and was beheaded for it, according to one legend. Pursuit of romance on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, can lead to trouble and hard feelings. For that reason, some people retreat from participation rather than risk what goodwill remains with their significant others.

    At the age of 75, I’ve successfully given and received Valentines for more than six decades with great satisfaction. Here are my romantic tactics:


    Significant others

  • Face the Obamacare music

    To the editor:

    The story about county employees facing a big increase in their health insurance is just another example of how Obamacare is affecting the cost and quality of health care throughout the U.S.

    I just hope the county does not pass its health care costs to the residents of the county.

    Hunker down and face the music. For those who voted for a president who authorized this brave new world and who wants to share the wealth and distribute what we earned to someone who did not earn his keep, you are getting what you asked for.