Today's Opinions

  • Holiday gifts lend perspective on new year

    I’m having to write my column this week on Christmas Eve because of our early holiday deadlines, but I can already tell you about a few gifts I’ve received for the holidays this year.

    Today, one of my favorite newsroom visitors, 9-year-old Georgia Ann Durieur, came to the Beacon with Christmas greetings and another delightful story to share. She wrote and illustrated it herself on one of our computers. Here it is:

  • Local rally organizers, attendees need to face facts

    To the editor:

    I became a Beacon subscriber soon after I purchased our home in Holden Beach more than 23 years ago. In those 23 years, I have never been motivated to write a letter to the editor — until now.

  • Audit proves Sunset Beach finances are quite healthy

    To the editor:

    Sunset Beach taxpayers should indeed believe their town’s finances are healthy. Some facts from the most recent audit include that the town has $7.1 million in reserve, and $2 million of that is designated for various future projects; the other $5.1 million is undesignated. Our town’s total budget this year is $6 million, which includes $500,000 funded from designated reserves, as the town continues toward completion of a long-range project to repave community streets. That work actually was completed in November for $400,000.

  • The true spirit of Christmas

    To the editor:

    Growing up, I was inspired by my parents who believed and practiced giving back to the community to make a difference for good in the world. It is heartwarming to see people in our community who by their lives and deeds, exhibit that same belief and make a difference in the community.

  • Angels in community make Angel Tree a success

    To the editor:

    Each year, Building Hope Ministries provides hundreds of gifts to the innocent victims of crime — the Angel Tree Kids (prisoners’ children ) — just to let them know they are loved and not forgotten.

  • Speak up for holiday traditions

    To the editor:

    What’s happening? Communities, schools, etc., are not only removing Christmas, but now are not allowing Santa to be part of the Christmas celebrations.

    It seems that if one person complains about this holiday or anything associated with it, administrators, principals and community leaders cave and bow down to these complainers. I would like to see just one of them say “No” and have the courage to stand up for the traditions that are part of this country at this time of year.

  • Shallotte earns kudos for safe Christmas parade

    Each year the Shallotte Christmas Parade brings smiles to thousands of locals and people visiting our town. With more than 120 entries, the parade line goes on for several miles and it’s quite the sight to see.

  • Third of voters dictate politicians’ behavior

    To the editor:

    All of us have given in to the slight majority of the one-third who voted in the last election. Sixty-six percent, for whatever reason, remained silent and did not vote. Why be surprised that mules (according to letter to the editor writer Paul Swartz) are in charge of Brunswick County Schools? Why be surprised at the way schools get their funding, somehow dictated out of Raleigh? Politics seems to always take money from the weak, students who have no vote. Shame on the 66 percent who could vote, but did not.