Today's Opinions

  • Whether in an ad or a letter, freedom of speech rules

    The news department and the advertising department are two separate departments at the Beacon, just as they are at any other newspaper, but that sure didn’t stop several people from contacting me about the “impeach Trump” ad we published in last week’s edition.

    Since they did, I’m happy to answer these questions I received about it:

  • How can we get to 4 percent economic growth?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    One of the major goals of the new Trump Administration is to increase the rate of economic growth in the country. The objective is to move from the 2 percent annual growth rate of recent years to 4 percent.

    What exactly does this mean? Technically, the national economic growth rate is measured by the annual change in “real gross domestic product.” Translated from economic jargon, this is the growth in the country’s production of both goods and services.

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist

    Last week in the North Carolina House of Representatives, we honored the Boy Scouts of America on its 107th anniversary, we began holding policy committee meetings to handle key bills and we passed two major bills out of committee.

  • Driving in Brunswick County is slowly driving me mad

    Dear lady driving the red SUV, you drive like a crazy person. You have me wondering if Brunswick County attracts crazy person drivers or if this place turns people crazy once they get behind the wheel.

    Because I think it might be getting to me, too.

    This happened recently: I was headed back to the Beacon one evening, driving along White Street toward the stop sign at Smith Avenue.

    As I have mentioned in the past, there is something about stop signs — really any type of intersection — in Brunswick County that makes people lose their minds.

  • Thanking God for the gift of Linus Torok

    My mom brought me back to my home in Darlington, S.C., from my parents’ house in the Triad where they’d taken me so I could lay my beloved cat Kobi to rest about two weeks after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

    As soon as I unlocked the front door to my home and felt Kobi’s absence, I’d burst into tears.

    “Let’s get back in the car and you can tell me where the animal shelter is,” Mom said. “You need a kitty.”

  • U.S. is divided against itself

    To the editor:

    Americans. We are all Americans, “first.” Our country is seriously divided between “us” and anyone who disagrees with “us.” The “other” is now our opponent, our enemy.

    This is what we have become. A country divided against itself. And it cannot stand.

  • Sunset Beach should consider public petitions

    To the editor:

    I’d like to thank Rich Cerrato and the entire Sunset Beach Town Council for their service to our town. It appears to me that it’s either Mr. Cerrato’s way or the highway. There seems to be lack of working together or compromise with the council, but there are plenty of innuendos and suggestions of conspiracies.

  • Oral hygiene

    To the editor:

    Whichever end of a toothpick President Trump might choose to use, liberals will most assuredly claim it is the wrong one.

    When a toddler throws a tantrum, a caring parent will resolve the matter swiftly with a firm pat on the child’s backside, assuring him that not only is the conduct unacceptable, but, even if subconsciously, that some actions can have undesirable consequences.

    John A. Donnelly

    Carolina Shores