Today's Opinions

  • Act’s passage extends educational assistance

    To the editor:

    The passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act represents a breakthrough. It follows years of debate about the right balance of federal versus local influence in public education. This new legislation will give our local schools more flexibility to decide what works best for our students. It came about because of something we rarely see in Washington these days: bipartisan agreement.

  • Tips for a safe and festive holiday season

    By Roy Cooper

    Guest Columnist

    The holiday season is a great time of year filled with fun activities and time with family. It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday excitement but it’s important to take the necessary precautions to avoid crimes, scams and accidents.

  • Needy children ask Santa for little

    By The Rev. Donna Phelps

    Guest Columnist

    At this time of the year, our hearts turn to Christmas, to family and friends gathering around meals, fellowship and giving gifts around the Christmas tree. Yet for some children that is not a possibility.

    For children who do not have a stable home, getting a bed of their own or a pair of glasses so they can read is far more important than a doll, a bike or a computer game.

    Reading the Santa wish lists of children whose families were or have been homeless made me cry.

  • Christmas Day is due again

    To the editor:

    On Christmas and every other day

    To God have things to say so I pray

    Thanks for all the love you gave me

    A son who from sin set us free.

    On top of tree there is a single star

    So when wise men came from afar

    To Jesus’ birthplace found their way

    Near Bethlehem heard somebody say.

    In my each happy day, hour and minute

    My life, God and his son are always in it

    Sometime soon when all time does end

    Again to us precious son he shall send.

  • Meaning of Christmas lies in faith

    To the editor:

  • Co-worker may have thwarted more bloodshed

    To the editor:

    In reference to the (New York) Daily News cover headline, “God isn’t fixing this,” on the San Bernardino, Calif., shooting: Consider maybe many lives were spared because the terrorists had plans to murder many more with the bombs and other devices but changed them because of an argument with a Messianic Jewish Christian co-worker.

  • Sound the alarm — it’s time for a safety check

    Anyone who knows me, even in passing, knows I’m not a morning person. In fact, I’m not sure I should be considered a person early in the morning because of how useless I tend to be at that time of day. When I know I have to be up and at ‘em early in the morning, like to go to an out-of-town training session, it’s almost impossible for me to get any sleep the night before because I’m afraid I’ll oversleep. It’s worse now that I have vertigo and can’t bolt out of bed the way I used to when I was running late.

  • Now that Clemsoning has been eliminated, can Clemzinning go next?

    I’m in a pretty, pretty, pretty good mood. My Clemson Tigers just won the ACC Championship game and are on the way to the playoff game for the national title.

    And since I had to live through nine years of bad football, then 10 years of just OK before the start of a seven-year climb to good, I am going to enjoy it by spilling a couple hundred words talking about my alma mater’s success.