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  • A Nomad’s Notes: Illness in Egypt, or ‘Lindsay’s ears are stuffed with mummy linen and her nose is stopped up like the Aswan Dam’

    This column doesn’t quite showcase my derpish moments quite like the other two, but it’s still worth its own column nonetheless, and is a good how-to piece for those of you reading as well.

    When I went to Egypt in January 2015, I lived in southeastern Ohio. Even though it was south, it was as cold as any other part of the state, with snow stubbornly sticking to the ground as I parked my car at the John Glenn Columbus International Airport.

  • Clarifying the status of Brunswick Family Assistance

    By Fred Stephens

    Guest Columnist

    The purpose of this column is to clarify points regarding the financials of Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) raised by a front-page story in the Sept. 8 edition.

  • Clinton’s email security breaches were ignored

    To the editor:

    In his Sept. 29 letter, Satinder Ahuja wrote: “Clinton admitted her mistake (regarding) ...use of a private email server ... and it is time to move on to more important matters.” The most important matter for the president of the United States is national security.

  • Rouzer deals in weasel words

    To the editor:

    I’ve shared a letter from our 7th District Congressman David Rouzer he sent in response to a question I asked him about why he signs a pledge to never raise taxes, when 100 percent of America’s $19 trillion debt is because Congress has voted to spend $19 trillion more than Congress has voted to tax on incomes, forcing the Treasury to borrow instead.

    In his letter, he names Social Security as the second most important driver of this ($19 trillion) federal debt.

  • Williams’ story too familiar for far too many

    To the editor:

    For those of us who have lost a son or daughter to the ravages of addiction to drugs and alcohol, Pam Williams’ front-page story in last week’s edition is all too familiar.

  • We cannot afford to elect Trump

    To the editor:

    I knew when I first heard Donald Trump say Mexicans were rapists (and more), I knew he was even more hateful than he was on his TV show, “The Apprentice.” He seems to love Donald Trump; he is narcissistic; his egotism is even larger than his mouth. His “You’re fired!” was delivered with so much abhorrence and glee, I wondered why any of the “apprentices” would agree to submit to such a “reality” show.

  • Taking some time off for a spell

    Vacation brain, I’ve learned, is a very real phenomenon.

    After taking no real vacation in the past five years except to be sick, have surgery or go to the doctor, a wedding or a funeral, I’ve made up for lost time by taking two vacations this year.

    First, in August, my parents and I went back home to Cleveland to bask in the afterglow of our Cavaliers’ first NBA title, the city’s first national championship in 52 years and first in my lifetime.

  • Be alert at the voting booth

    To the editor:

    Recently, a voter identification verification bill was passed in North Carolina (voter ID law). Acceptable IDs were available free at numerous locations with help offered if needed. In the election this fall, a person would provide the ID to show they are who they say they are and eligible to vote.

    The NAACP protests the voter ID requirement as placing an unfair barrier to poor and minority folks. Some people’s mindset is rooted in the past segregation era. The rest of the country apparently has moved on.