Today's Opinions

  • Rest in peace, Leon McCall

    To the editor:

    On Sunday, Dec. 14, heaven accepted a true angel and we here on earth bid farewell to a true gentleman and a very gentle man. I never knew Roy Leon McCall’s last name, but I knew him for his kindness to others. It did not matter where I saw Mr. Leon; he had the same smile and greeting, whether it was at Wal-Mart, Hill’s Foods or at the service station. Mr. Leon spoke and knew me by name. It is the many people in our community who should be thanking the McCall family for this wonderful gift that was shared for so many years.

  • Thank you, Shallotte, for great parade

    To the editor:

    I felt I needed to thank the people of Shallotte and Mayor Walter Eccard for allowing the surrounding communities to enjoy a great Saturday morning viewing a wonderful Christmas parade filled with a variety of entries. The weather was good, as the crowd enjoyed the entertainment provided along with all the candy being thrown to the crowd of little ones. I noticed some big kids enjoying the treats, too. It was great to see something being offered to all where there was no admission. Something free!

  • Please keep parking free on Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    I was dismayed to read the town of Sunset Beach was “turning toward” paid parking at the beach — $2 per hour or $8 a day. Why? Is it to make money for the town?

    The proposal outlined would entail hiring an outside management company for $500 per month, plus two full-time enforcement employees. Looks like an expensive proposition to me.

  • Sunset Beach audit raises concerns

    I’m concerned the Beacon’s Dec. 4 headline, “Sunset Beach gets an ‘above average’ audit,” may be misinterpreted by the taxpayers into believing the town’s finances are healthy.

  • All I want for Christmas is ...

    This time last year, all I wanted for Christmas was to keep everyone and everything I have. I don’t think Santa heard me or maybe he misunderstood, because we lost my cousin Lisa and one of my best friends died last month. Perhaps I should have been clearer, too. I’d have been very happy to lose some pounds; I guess I didn’t really want to keep everything. Even so, it all makes me even more grateful for who and what I still have in my life.

  • You decide this year: What will 2015’s economy look like?

    By Mike Walden

    North Carolina Cooperative Extension


    Economists receive much attention at the beginning of a new year. Understandably, people want some insight into how the economy will perform. Of course, no economist can predict every individual’s economic outlook. Instead, what we do is try to forecast the general trends in the economy so that households and businesses can make more informed decisions about their personal situations.

  • 'Twas the week of Christmas in Brunswick County

    ‘Twas the week of Christmas, and all through Brunswick County, people were wishing for a bountiful bounty.


    Not necessarily in material goods, just peace and so forth, and maybe a little snow, except for those who came here from up North.


    The yuletide trees had sold out at local lots, and folks shopped local stores until they nearly dropped.


    The stores were full, and their shelves were cleaned, of every holiday goody and everything in between.


  • May all your Christmases be white

    It’s Christmas time, so how about a Christmas tale?

    One of the reasons I left Florida years and years ago was to get away from the rather monotonous seasons that I grew up with.

    In Florida, the seasons aren’t based on the weather or the calendar. Instead of spring, summer, winter and fall there was allergy season, football season and spring training season.

    Oh, there is also a Christmas season.

    Throughout each of these seasons, the temperature didn’t change much, just the amount of yard work.