Today's Opinions

  • Students, teachers deserve better from state

    To the editor:

    Can my teacher’s pay affect the quality of my education?

    As a student, I often hear teachers complain about their salaries. There have been recent news reports about teacher salaries, so all of this discussion has left me wondering about what is happening to my teacher’s salary.

    It seems that the new salary structure for North Carolina has been rigged to benefit the newer and less experienced teacher rather than to reward the more experienced, knowledgeable veteran teachers.

  • What becomes of unfinished housing?

    To the editor:

    I like that the fact that Brunswick County is starting to prosper by building new housing developments for our sudden growth in population. I happen to be concerned about what will happen to the housing developments that are started but never finished. There are many that are in my area and I’d like to know what will happen to them. Will they ever be completed or will they turn into pseudovisions? I have been concerned with this issue for quite some time and I’d really appreciate a response to my question.


  • Brunswick County supports annual CIS gala

    To the editor:

    Through the generous assistance and support of Brunswick County restaurants, businesses, sponsors, media partners, photographers, students, individual donors, agency partners and attendees, Communities In Schools of Brunswick County hosted a successful and enjoyable benefit gala for children.

  • Tough times prompt early Thanksgiving, pair of requests

    There’s nothing like a tough couple of weeks to remind you of what you value most in others and in life. Even though Thanksgiving’s two weeks away, here’s why I’m celebrating a little bit every day from now on.

  • Bonkers for bacon? You are not alone

    When I recently espied the can of Betty Crocker Maple Bacon Frosting at the grocery store, my first reaction was to recoil in horror.

    Does Miss Betty, assuming she’s an actual person, which I doubt, really intend for us to eat bacon with our cake? Bacon and pancakes hydrated with syrup, I’ve always voted yes. But bacon with cupcakes are a no-go.

  • As of Nov. 1 , winter has arrived

    “Aren’t you cold?”

    I heard that question at least twice Saturday, making Nov. 1 the unofficial/official start of winter.

    I went to the Riverwalk Park at Belville to see how the barbecuing was going at the Bikes Boots and BBQ festival.

    Unfortunately, the event was rained out due to the downpours that hit early Saturday morning.

  • Recalling my time at UNC with professor at center of scandal

    Like all of my fellow UNC-Chapel Hill graduates, I was sickened to read the findings of a nine-month investigation into alleged fake classes offered to athletes at the university.

    Until then, I was confident in proclaiming the problems began after I’d graduated. The investigation led by former Homeland Security adviser and FBI agent Kenneth Wainstein, however, found the trouble began while I was still a student.

  • Honor medical-surgical nurses

    To the editor:

    We would like to honor medical-surgical nurses during Medical-Surgical Nurses Week. Medical-surgical nurses focus every day on caring compassionately for patients and families. The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) has designated a special week to shift that focus to the nurses themselves. Grand Strand Medical Center will participate in a national celebration of medical-surgical nurses during Medical-Surgical Nurses Week, Nov. 1-7. These nurses are being celebrated for their dedication, skills and heroism.