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  • Try to make time for community events, other important activities

    Have we had one of the soggiest summers here in recent history? I’ve only been here a little longer than a year, but I don’t remember it being quite this rainy last year. Not that I mind; I love water, even when it falls from the sky. But still, it seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve heard anyone drop the dreaded d-word — drought — and I wonder if local lawn and garden care services are having a banner year.

  • A career first and having the last word

    Even though I’ve been in journalism for 20 years or so, I can still remember every first experience I’ve had in my career.

    I remember the first misspelling of my last name — Torak — and most of the rest, such as Turok (like the video game), Tork (like the Monkee), Took (like the past tense verb), Tonorock (like, well, I have no idea), Clark (like not even close) and — my favorite — Sock (like the article of clothing).

  • Carolina Shores does not need name change

    To the editor:

    The suggestion to rename the town of Carolina Shores because it has many named communities within it is just short of ridiculous! Other surrounding towns have a similar situation. Sunset Beach has Sea Trail, Thistle and Sandpiper, and Calabash has Calabash Acres, Hidden Valley and Saltaire Village. I see no one recommending a name change for those towns. Besides, renaming a town just incurs more expense with signs, etc. Don’t we have more important issues to discuss?

    Richard Uher

    Carolina Shores

  • Immigrant children should be welcome

    To the editor:

    I’d like to respond to G.L. Herbin’s letter (Beacon Aug. 14 edition), “Immigration is out of control.”

  • School board out of step

    To the editor:

    We would like to express our opinion regarding remuneration for the Brunswick County Board of Education. If we read correctly, board members recently voted to increase their individual stipends by $600. This represents a 5.65 percent increase for board members. In the previous two years, raises for board members totaled 1.38 percent and 20.41 percent. During this same period of time, teachers received $0. Board members now take home $16,320, which includes $5,100 travel allowance.

  • Sunset Beach deserves better

    To the editor:

  • Carolina Shores is in a state

    To the editor:

    I have read with interest the articles suggesting a change in the name of the community of Carolina Shores. Why? I have been happy with the name but I am sure (former mayor) Teddy Toddy (Altreuter) will have a list of alternatives. We can apply for statehood as the “State of Confusion.” Our flag could be an enormous question mark and our motto “We need more information.”

  • Sands of time: A short history of Southeast Asia

    By Mari-Lou Wong-Chong

    Guest Columnist


    Let us all journey to Southeast Asia through the sands of time and learn a little bit of the history that identifies some of our neighbor’s culture.