Today's Opinions

  • A lucky day in retirement land

    By Mike O'Hare

    Guest Columnist

    I’ve had some great days since I retired three years ago, but this one is worth sharing.

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist

    Last week in the North Carolina House of Representatives, we honored legendary UNC basketball coach Dean Smith, we passed a controversial bill on zoning and aesthetic control by towns and we voted to override the governor’s veto on the magistrates’ recusal bill.

    The weather in Raleigh got hotter as the days wore on. The debate in the House also heated up as the days wore on. We started the week with bills we all could agree on and finished with a shocking override vote.

  • Telling the story of Calabash Volunteer EMS

    By Troy Thorup

    Guest Columnist

    How do you tell a story that is almost 35 years long, one that is written in not words, but the countless hours of selflessness given by so many over the years? One that tells the story of a community coming together, to stand watch over their neighbors in a time that predates our current county-based EMS system? How do you summarize the contributions of so many over the decades? You can’t.

  • Sunset Beach needs to redefine beach litter

    To the editor:

    While at Sunset Beach on June 7, we watched as the visitors in front of us were eating their shelled peanuts and throwing all the husks on the sand and in the surf. We thought this was littering and a total disregard of the environment. Even the pesky birds paid no attention to the trash these people were creating.

  • BFA grateful for food donations

    To the editor:

    Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) is grateful to the citizens of Brunswick County, and especially the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina and the U.S. Postal Service, for their joint program to collect food and make their collections available to local food pantries.

  • Thank you for Toy Run support

    To the editor:

    I would like to thank the 75-some folks who braved the heat this past Saturday, June 13, to participate in our 23rd annual kickoff for the Brunswick County Toy Run. We rode more than 60 miles from starting at Wal-Mart in Shallotte through the county to Brunswick Island Baptist Church for a lunch that its members prepared for us. Thanks for the air-conditioned building!

  • County isn’t family friendly for gays, lesbians

    To the editor:

    Thank you for your June 4 column describing same-sex marriage as a secular issue. I live in New York with a second home in Brunswick County.

    My son married his husband in January. Although he will pay more income taxes as a married man, he and his husband are now protected so they can make medical decisions for each other and have married status for many other federal benefits that were denied them in the past. Although they identify as Christian, they were married by a judge at city hall.

  • Swamp park adventures, part II

    To bring you up to speed, two weeks ago a few of my Beacon coworkers and I were granted a preview of a zip line course at Shallotte River Swamp Park, which had its official grand opening last Friday. My colleagues completed the entire 10-line course, while I managed to finish 1¾ of it, having gotten myself stuck on my second effort because of vertigo, short arms and a sudden panic attack.