Today's Opinions

  • You decide: Do economists ever agree about the economy?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    Economists have a reputation for being disagreeable.

    By this, I don’t mean they have unlikeable personalities. Instead, I mean the public perception is that economists rarely agree among themselves about the economy. Some have argued an individual economist even has trouble agreeing with her or himself!

  • Kennel gift rewards bad dog owner

    To the editor:

    There are hundreds of dogs tethered in Brunswick County who need a great kennel like the one recently provided by an anonymous donor for a dog in Ocean Isle Beach. This act removed the dog from the muddy, feces-covered space she lived in but it brings up many questions:

  • Why block Jaguar’s Lair properties to residents?

    To the editor:

    I am a winter resident (past six years) for three months every year and have been using the Jaguar’s Lair golf course along with many other locals as a place to walk our dogs.

    The Ocean Ridge Master Association recently erected cables across the road access, which prevent access to the area favored by the walkers.

  • Women’s march was Obama’s parting shot

    To the editor:

    I would like to share our joy in being able to go to the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. This was not the first one I have attended, but this one was very different.

    Unfortunately, we had to endure long lines, which included a lot of protestors. The city was like a fortress. The police and military (which I do not blame) did nothing to help with the confusion. They were only there to stop any violence that might occur.

  • How Native Americans played lacrosse

    To the editor:

    In “American History Notes Lacrosse Origins,” legend development was noted as having originated in various tribal lore.

    One tribal (Eastern Cherokee) legend had birds (eagles, hawks, osprey, etc.) and land animals (deer, bear, otter, etc.) competing against one another. The truth portrayed in this legend may point to the fact that in the human version, the ball rarely touched the ground.

    In the legend, if the birds gained possession of the ball, it would be very difficult for the land animals to touch a bird or the ball.

  • Clarifying intelligence community opinion

    To the editor:

    Dr. Mike Claxton missed a couple points I made about the intelligence community.

    First, I did not blame the intelligence community for starting the Iraq War. But, really, do you seriously think the intelligence community could not have overridden Vice President Cheney if they wanted to exert the effort? C’mon, man.

    Second, I did not say the intelligence community should make Iraq pay for war.

  • Cabanas’ footprint too big for beach

    To the editor:

    The real issue at Sunset Beach is not about shade and cabanas and cancer; it’s flying umbrellas, danger and accidents. Sun and shade and cancer have been around for hundreds of years, yet somehow people come to the beach and life goes on.

  • Make women’s motto save our significance

    To the editor:

    Everyone appears to be so numbers conscious.

    Let’s look at the number one million women for a second. If you add their family, relations, friends, business associates, families of children who go to school with their children in schools, universities and colleges, those who attend the same churches as they do or are members of the same clubs that they are in and whoever else they do business with, you are talking about a huge number.