Today's Opinions

  • This is how you know it’s going to be a long night

    This week I am going to let the fine people who read this into the newsroom to experience what it is like when the day goes long and we are waiting on one more report before the paper goes to press so we can call it a day.

    It isn’t a weekly occurrence, despite the fact we’re a weekly paper, but there are days that seem to stretch into infinity and that is when the philosophical questions of our time get asked and answered — like last week, when I first proposed my unifying theory of fast-food chicken places out loud.

  • You decide: Is there trouble with trading?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    One of the first principles I teach my new economics students is the benefits of trade. I use the following example (remember, I’m talking to 18- to 20-year-olds): Two students live across the hall from each other. One student has some minor car trouble and discovers the across-the-hall neighbor is a fairly good amateur mechanic. The student with mechanic skills is having problems with physics and learns the neighbor with car trouble is a whiz at physics.

  • Still proud to be a Heel

    My kid brother, as an N.C. State grad, has no love for my alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and even less affection for its athletic teams. I’m not sure he even cheers for the Tar Heels when they play Duke.

    The other day, however, he told me he was sorry to see this year’s Carolina men’s basketball team suffer such a heartbreaking loss to Villanova in the national title game. The fact we feel the same way about this is big news, folks.

  • Town spends taxpayer money too foolishly

    To the editor:

    I have often discussed with other local friends and neighbors about the amount of money the town of Sunset Beach wastes or spends foolishly (our opinion, of course). This settlement for $190,000 is just another example.

  • Thank you, Teen Court volunteers

    To the editor:

  • Welcome local debate, not spin

    To the editor:

    There were two GOP presidents during the Franklin Roosevelt era, and there have also been two Democratic presidents during Ronald Reagan era. For better or worse, the four presidents who served in an opposing era had only modest impact on the outcomes of the dominant policies during each of the two eras.

    Last month, letters in the Beacon did not honestly portray a Reagan-era policy to explain an outcome Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders prove are unpopular.

  • Maligning the messenger

    To the editor:

    When an ill-informed liberal cannot tolerate an irrefutable political message, he resorts to maligning the messenger publicly.

    John A. Donnelly

    Carolina Shores

  • Have respect for those not transgender

    To the editor:

    A man is a man no matter what he is dressed in. This nana does not want to take her beautiful 6-year-old granddaughter to a public restroom and see a man using a urinal.

    Men molest women and children in the home and on the street. Then we go in the restroom and have to worry about getting molested in there.

    God did not make a mistake when he made man and then made woman. Please have respect for us who are not transgender.

    Bobbie DeStefano

    Holden Beach