Today's Opinions

  • A Nomad’s Notes: ‘Hi, I’m a journalist, I like to make a big deal about everything…’

    On Friday, Sept. 1, the Leland Police Department posted on its public official Facebook page about an incident when one of its officers parked in a handicapped spot in town without authorization to do so.

  • On Campus with BCC: Foundation celebrates 35 years of creating opportunities for students

    By Dr. Susanne Adams

    Guest Columnist

    Brunswick Community College has a long tradition of providing quality educational opportunities for its students. The opportunities available through curriculum and continuing education programs both on-line and in the classroom at BCC allow our students to contribute to the growth and development of Brunswick County. Graduates leave our campus ready to enter the workplace or pursue further education that will benefit them individually and the community collectively as many continue to live and work in the region.

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist

    Last week in the North Carolina General Assembly, we voted on new district maps for the N.C. House and Senate, we passed an environmental package including GenX provisions and we adjourned the August special session.

  • Let voters settle tethering issue

    To the editor:

    The recent Advocates for Animal Rights (AFAR) presentation to Brunswick County commissioners called for a single change to animal welfare ordinances: restrict the chaining of dogs. This single ordinance is one more tool to law enforcement as we combat drug houses and dogfighting in our community.

  • Get serious on climate change

    To the editor:

    The devastation wreaked by Hurricane Harvey is a frightening look at our future if we do not take steps to mitigate and reverse climate change. Though these storms occur naturally, warmer waters can make them bigger, more intense and longer lasting.

    How many storms does it take before we measure rain in feet, rather than inches? How many more billions of tax dollars are we willing to devote to flood insurance? How many more lives are we willing to displace, or lose completely?

  • Put an end to price gouging

    To the editor:

    Don’t you often wonder what drives business corporations to take your money in unscrupulous ways? We all know too well the term “price gouging” and witness it even locally here in Brunswick County.

  • Money perverts reason in health care debate

    Editor’s note: The writer is a candidate for Sunset Beach Town Council in the Nov. 7 municipal election.

    To the editor:

    Why is America the only wealthy country in the world without a universal health care system? The answer is because voters do not want to be known as “working-class” citizens. The average voter wants to be known as “middle class.” Even though they have not had a raise in pay in real dollars for 35 years or more, they will not succumb to being known as working class.

  • Obsessions contradict common sense

    To the editor:

    A child often senses that the world in which we live follows an orderly and predictable direction. His intuitive recognition of this inclusive phenomenon will often express itself in a quizzical question, like, “Why is the sky blue?”