Today's Opinions

  • The cat got out of the bag

    Brunswick County made news last week when the economic development director it spent three months searching for resigned just short of four months into the job.

    The reports put the reason for his resignation resulting from inadvertently putting the county’s response to an information request from a tire manufacturer looking for a new plant location in public emails.

    Emails to and from elected officials and county staff are public record and the county set up a computer terminal in 2009 for the public to review the emails.

  • A Taste of Calabash will exhibit town’s flavor

    With several municipalities in Brunswick County boasting signature annual events, such as the North Carolina Oyster Festival in Ocean Isle Beach, Festival by the Sea in Holden Beach, Leland’s Founders’ Day, Navassa Homecoming and Sunset at Sunset in Sunset Beach, it is long past due for the Seafood Capital of the World to have its own.

    The time has finally come this year, with plans announced for the inaugural A Taste of Calabash festival April 16 and 17. The weekend event will take place in Calabash Community Park and at local restaurants.

  • Victim pays for crimes in small claims court

    To the editor:

    I recently went to small claims court to sue someone for services that were paid for but not completed. He did not appear for the hearing, and the court entered a judgment for $1,120.

    This action cost me $125, and the only satisfaction I got was that a judgment order was entered. Now in order for me to collect the money, I will have to pay another $120 to take him back to court. There is still no guarantee I will ever collect the money owed to me.

  • Note party differences

    To the editor:

    Most Democrats are not Socialists, and most GOP members are not Libertarians. So what are the opposing views on the key areas of policy differences in 2016, if we can get past whose persona we love or hate, or hate politics itself?

  • OIB Park plans threaten neighborhood tranquility

    To the editor:

    Brunswick County’s parks and recreation department announced last week its new 2016 conceptual master plan for the Ocean Isle Beach Park expansion. Ocean Ridge Plantation property owners are deeply concerned about the changes made to the 2008 original design. The 2008 plan appeared to be designed with the intent of a neighborhood park and did more to buffer and protect our residential community.

  • Why Americans hold politicians in contempt

    To the editor:

    If you have ever wondered why Americans are angry and hold politicians in contempt, I have an answer for you.

    In early January, I wrote a closely reasoned letter to Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis and Rep. David Rouzer expressing my deep concern about the Department of Defense decision to assign women to the combat arms of the Army and Marines Corps, an issue informed by my 30 years of active military service. My letter asked them to perform their constitutional duty and take remedial action.

  • Vote ‘yes’ for Connect NC bond March 15

    To the editor:

    Several months ago, our board of directors approved a resolution in support of the Connect NC bond referendum. We revisited this decision recently, after the legislature approved a $2 billion bond issue that did not include funds for transportation projects.

    Our board unanimously endorsed the action of our legislature to move forward with a bond issue supporting critically needed investments in higher education, clean water systems and our state parks system.

  • Tips for getting your taxes done safely

    By Roy Cooper

    Guest Columnist

    The tax deadline is looming, and you may find yourself needing help to file your taxes. Using a tax preparer should make filing your taxes easier, but only if you choose one that is reliable and accurate.

    There are plenty of legitimate tax preparers in North Carolinians, but unfortunately my office hears from consumers each year about tax preparers who charge unreasonably high fees, file tax documents without approval or fail to complete the job.