Today's Opinions

  • Friends and family, visitors and tourists

    One great thing about living in Brunswick County, for me, is it dramatically increases the odds of catching up in person with family and friends — especially those I haven’t seen in decades.

    This past Sunday, it was my friend, Nicolle Gaillard, her older brother Sean and his family, who were vacationing in Ocean Isle Beach. I haven’t seen Nicolle or Sean since we were in high school in Winston-Salem but, thanks to Facebook, we’ve reconnected and I was able to meet them at Mass during their visit.

  • It’s past time for Bolivia to get its due

    To the editor:

    Bolivia seniors, as well as other community members, are confused. Just what determines whether a community receives a playground for its children or a senior citizens’ center? When will Bolivia citizens be recognized for what they have contributed to the county? It is puzzling. We are constantly pleading for some consideration for our citizens. There seems to be unequal appropriations to the area in which our county seat is located: the town of Bolivia and areas in its vicinity.

  • Government allows insurance coverage discrepancies

    To the editor:

    Earlier in the year, I decided to put a new roof on my home because of leaks and other minor problems. The roof was 18 years old and I decided it was time. The cost was around $13,000. Since then, most all my neighbors have installed new roofs for a $2,500 deductible from their wind and hail insurance policies because of a storm that supposedly went through here sometime during July 2015. Most of these roofs were more than 20 years old and needed to be changed in the near future anyway.

  • Demand Rouzer support HR-1942

    To the editor:

    I emailed my congressman, David Rouzer, voicing my support of HR-1942 banning the export of horses from the United States to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada where they are processed for human consumption. Rouzer chairs the subcommittee on Livestock and Foreign Agriculture.

    Horse slaughter ended here in 2007, but irresponsible Americans continue to dispose of unwanted animals by selling them to buyers for transport across our borders. This fate befalls 150,000 to 300,000 animals per year.

  • We have a lot to lose

    To the editor:

    When I go to the beach here in our beautiful beach resort area, I will tan in the sun. I tend to get darkened, bronzed.

    On the way home, because I do live in the neighborhood, I am pulled over. “Yes?” I ask. “Well, you looked suspicious.” “How so?” “Well, you know.”

    If I couldn’t get away with passing for white, I might have a good bit more to lose than a few, you know what I mean?

    Dominique Loewenstein

    Ocean Isle Beach

  • State, federal partnership is good news for Navassa

    By Michael Scott

    Guest Columnist

    A good news story is unfolding in Brunswick County that people should know about.

    I’m talking about the environmental cleanup of the former Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp. in Navassa.

    From the 1930s until 1974, Kerr-McGee used creosote to preserve wood products on a 246-acre site in Navassa. Unfortunately, these operations came about before we knew the importance of balancing our economic desires with our needs to protect the environment.

  • What I did on my summer vacation

    The last time I was in my hometown, it was to lay my godfather to rest. I decided I wasn’t going to wait for a sad occasion to go back again.

    It only took me five years to make good on that call.

    I just spent my first real vacation in seven years in my native Cleveland.

    You know how I knew for sure I was overdue for a break? I realized after we’d gone to press last week I’d misspelled the name of Olympic women’s beach volleyball gold medalist Misty May-Treanor in my column. How embarrassing.

  • Our people deserve better congressman

    To the editor:

    In the May 26 edition of the Beacon, there was a column by Congressman David Rouzer. It was entitled, “Remember Their Sacrifice.”