Today's Opinions

  • Thank you for helping BFA help others

    To the editor:

    Thank you to The Brunswick Beacon, the town of Shallotte (police and services), the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office (and volunteers) and most importantly, the many volunteers who assisted Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) in our food distribution program Thursday, May 12.

  • Senate Bill 875 too easy to get

    To the editor:

    Thank you for your excellent coverage last week of the segment of the Sunset Beach Town Council meeting concerning Senate Bill 875, which proposes de-annexing portions of Sunset Beach including the east and west oceanfront ends of Sunset Beach island.

    Of particular interest to me was the comment, “You push people into a corner, they’re eventually going to strike back.”

  • Conscience calls for defeat of Senate Bill 875

    To the editor:

    State Sen. Bill Rabon recently filed a Senate Bill 875, Town of Sunset Beach/Deannexation. The bill may come up for a vote as early as Tuesday, May 24.

    This bill would “de-annex” three town sites within the town of Sunset Beach that are being developed or are proposed to be developed.

    Rabon still has not explained what prompted him to take this action. The obvious impact will be a negative one from a tax standpoint on the citizens of Sunset Beach, including us.

  • Getting the facts straight

    To the editor:

    In response to William N. Clemmons’ letter published in last week’s edition, I certainly respect his service to our nation and his right to his opinion.

    I write to address his lack of understanding of Thomas McGrath’s letter published May dealing with $19 trillion of U.S. debt, and a refusal on the part of our Congressman David Rouzer among 259 others to repudiate their now 30-year-old pledge to never raise taxes, even to fund the spending they appropriated, including war and veterans issues.

  • Venezuela needs prayers

    To the editor:

    A state of emergency has been declared in Venezuela by President Nicolás Maduro. The crisis grows deeper and deeper.

    Food is very scarce, while basic necessities and medicines are almost nonexistent. People wait in lines up to 12 hours for food and are still unable to get basics like milk or rice. Hospitals are low on medicines, cleaning supplies and even water and electricity. Patients are dying every day because doctors don’t have the supplies to treat them. Many lie on the floor and in hallways waiting to be seen by a doctor.

  • Casual folly by Trump, Rouzer

    To the editor:

    Donald Trump engaged in casual folly last week on CNBC regarding reducing our $19 trillion debt. He responded as if America was an insolvent business. He said he would ask Treasury bond holders to accept reduced payments to cut the debt.

    Congress has the power to tax the wealthy equal to what it appropriates or borrow new money at 1 percent interest to pay off current debt, provided it does not foolishly spend money and then refuse to tax or increase the debt limit.

  • Meeting circumvents the spirit of state law

    To the editor:

    Congratulations to The Beacon and reporter Laura Lewis for the excellent job reporting on state Sen. Bill Rabon’s surprise introduction of a bill in the Senate to de-annex either end of the island of Sunset Beach from the town of Sunset Beach.

  • Sunset Beach should ban third-party privatization

    To the editor:

    Our family has been homeowners in Sunset Beach since April 2006. The main reason we decided to buy here was the special natural beauty of the beach on the island.

    Our beach with its high dunes and white sand, its vistas and abundant wildlife has a sense of openness, spaciousness and naturalness not often found on other beaches in our area. It should be accessible to everyone.