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  • Thanks to Williamses for country fair leadership

    To the editor:

  • Check candidates’ voting records

    To the editor:

  • Look at pool facts before you leap

    To the editor:

    In response to last week’s Beacon article, “Oceanfront pools dunked in Sunset Beach,” it is truly a shame that a few ill-informed residents took the time to make a mountain out of a molehill. Throwing around wild accusations of unethical behavior by the town’s staff was totally out of order. It does pay to look and understand the facts before you leap on a matter out of sheer emotion.

  • Trash Bash makes positive impact in OIB

    To the editor:

    I am a jogger and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning I put in a couple of miles on the sidewalks near the Ocean Isle Beach pier. I pick up trash as I go, mostly cans and bottles, but this Monday morning, there was no trash to be found mostly thanks to the Trash Bash on Saturday morning, Sept. 20. It was heartening to see the West Brunswick High School Junior ROTC, the Girl Scouts, the OIB town commissioners, land conservancy and turtle patrol volunteers and so many proud homeowners represented in the clean-up crews Saturday morning.

  • Where is your happy place?

    By Miranda Michelle Parkstone

    Guest Columnist

    There are many places I could regard as my “happy place,” but there is only one certain place where I am most content. This place would be at the beach — Sunset Beach, specifically — right at the beginning of summer. Because vacationers generally do not begin their retreats to the beach until early August, crowds are typically rather thin at this time of the season.

  • Ads, news are two different branches of the same newspaper tree

    It happens once about every two or three weeks: I get a message on my voicemail here at the office from someone who wants to “put an ad” in the Beacon. Trouble is, I’m not in the ad department; I lead the Beacon’s news department. And ads and news items are two very different things.

  • Caffeine overdosers unite: There's a lot to learn in the middle of the night

    Free coffee on National Coffee Day this past Monday, Sept. 29, must’ve been caffeinated bliss for addicts who don’t have to be mindful of overdoing it.

    All a coffeeholic had to do was venture up U.S. 17 for a free or reduced-price fix every five or so miles. And that’s just in consideration of all the Kangaroo stores and Mickey D’s dotting the roadside.

  • No matter the theme, fall festivals are funnel cake havens

    Funnel Cake Festival.

    Why hasn’t anyone come up with that yet?

    We are on the cusp of fall festival season and no matter what the theme of each weekend’s gathering may be, the one thing everyone keeps an eye out for at these events is the funnel cake booth.

    I’ve already witnessed it firsthand the last two weekends.

    When a funnel cake is spotted out in the open, it always turns heads as folks try to retrace the steps of the lucky people in possession of funnel cake to determine its place of origin.