Today's Opinions

  • We must never forget

    By Frank Richardson

    Guest Columnist

    They walk among us and we often don’t notice. They have a special day in their honor and we often forget. We’re talking about National POW/MIA Recognition Day which is always the third Friday in September. 
In Brunswick County there are a lot of veterans of our nation’s services but there is a special breed within that number: those who were held prisoner of war. A good number of those are back, but there are many still missing in action.

  • Prescription drug assistance for low-income Medicare beneficiaries

    By Jennifer Prince Sherman

    Guest Columnist


    Do you ever have difficulty paying for your prescription drugs? Do you have limited income and assets? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions and you are a person with Medicare, Extra Help may be available for you.

  • Who pays for illegal immigrants

    To the editor:

    Regarding Michael Jones’ letter in the Sept. 18 edition, “Immigrant children should be welcome,” in which he says illegal immigrant children arriving from Central America should be welcomed, my questions to him are: How many of these illegal immigrants are you going to welcome into your home? How much money are you personally planning to pay to feed, clothe, house, educate and provide medical services to these illegal aliens that you say should be welcomed?

  • Ward would bring balance to legislature

    To the editor:

    I support Ernie Ward for the state Senate election in November because I think his position on education funding and income improvement for wage earners makes more sense than Bill Rabon’s. Two items in a recent edition brought home the difference in positions between the two local veterinarians.

  • Letter writer should get involved in Carolina Shores

    To the editor:

    I see where longtime Carolina Shores resident Charles Bebber had his semi-annual letter to the editor in last week’s Beacon. For many years, he has spewed venom on our town, its government officials and a myriad of other town residents, voicing displeasure with just about everyone and everything.

  • School board needs navigation device

    To the editor:

  • Try to make time for community events, other important activities

    Have we had one of the soggiest summers here in recent history? I’ve only been here a little longer than a year, but I don’t remember it being quite this rainy last year. Not that I mind; I love water, even when it falls from the sky. But still, it seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve heard anyone drop the dreaded d-word — drought — and I wonder if local lawn and garden care services are having a banner year.

  • A career first and having the last word

    Even though I’ve been in journalism for 20 years or so, I can still remember every first experience I’ve had in my career.

    I remember the first misspelling of my last name — Torak — and most of the rest, such as Turok (like the video game), Tork (like the Monkee), Took (like the past tense verb), Tonorock (like, well, I have no idea), Clark (like not even close) and — my favorite — Sock (like the article of clothing).