Today's Opinions

  • Guest Opinion - House Bill 33 sends wrong message

    To the editor:
    Recent passage of House Bill 33 in the North Carolina legislature introduced by Rep. George Cleveland (R-Onslow) and co-sponsored by Rep. Frank Iler (R-Brunswick) raises the immigration issue in North Carolina in the wrong way.

  • The search for the truth

    To the editor:
    Good, peer-reviewed scientific research is different from assumptions, innuendo and anecdotes. What we had recently from Mr. Walter Carolus on global warming was all of these and more.

  • Calabash isn't doing public business clearly and transparently

    It looks as if some officials in Calabash may have been trying to pull the wool over their constituents’ eyes.
    First, the board of commissioners illegally went into closed session March 8, when it discussed the possibility of purchasing property from commissioner Bill Dixon, who was present for the discussion. The board failed to publicly identify the property location and who owned it.
    Not only did the board go into closed session improperly, Dixon violated the town’s code of ethics by participating in the property purchase discussion.

  • Soon to leave board position

    To the editor:
    So many “thank yous” to everyone who volunteers. I will soon come to the end of my reign for Communities in Schools with mixed feelings.
    I am sad to be leaving the board of many dedicated members and yet excited to what the new chairperson will bring. Each time a nonprofit changes board members, valuable time, dedication, knowledge and most of all, friendships, take a step in another direction.

  • Don't take it out on senior citizens

    o the editor:
    Isn’t it amazing that our federal government, when trying to cut the budget, doesn’t have any problem cutting programs for seniors, yet they can find money for their pet projects and foreign aid?
    It looks like we have the same attitude here in Brunswick County. It seems that Brunswick Senior Resources has the same approach to cutting local senior services.

  • Make it better, don't bemoan it

    o the editor:
    While it is easy to bemoan the situation being faced by Brunswick Senior Resources Inc., we as a community should try to find ways to better the situation. It is true that a number of the existing senior centers’ days of operation have been reduced.

  • Unfair and possible illegal taxation

    To the editor:
    North Carolina imposes a state income tax on residents’ pensions that are retired from other state governments. They are given a $4,000 forgiveness on their pensions. No one has ever explained where this figure came from. Years ago several North Carolina legislators said this was given to hopefully prevent a challenge to this tax law.
    If you are retired from the federal government or are a retiree from North Carolina state government, you are not taxed on your pension, but you are taxed if you retired from another state government.

  • Thinks editorial was off the mark

    o the editor:
    Regarding the editorial in the April 7 edition of the Beacon, I must respond to this gross misinterpretation of what transpired at the Sunset Beach Town Council meeting on April 4.
    You state that the town would “require each person to provide detailed information” of documents requested through a public records request. The word “require” was never used in the discussion.