Today's Opinions

  • New hospice center is a blessing to county

    Last week Brunswick Countians joined together to celebrate the ground breaking of a hospice care center right here in our community.

    Lower Cape Fear Hospice & LifeCareCenter has earned a quality reputation for proving caring, compassionate end-of-life services for families from this county. Previously, residents had to travel beyond Brunswick to go to a care center. This new facility means this type of high-level care will now be offered right here at home.

  • Bills are mounting in DSS situation; who is accountable?

    Bills continue to mount as the Department of Social Services Board continues to deal with whatever is related to the recent firing of longtime DSS director Jamie Orrock.

    Last week the board voted to fire Orrock. For what, we still don’t know.

    What we do know is the bills for the investigation into whatever claims against Orrock that led to his firing are adding up.

  • Bridge's 1,119th breakdown surely one of its last

    I don’t really know how many times the old Sunset Beach pontoon bridge has broken down.

    The number is written down somewhere in that great tenders’ logbook up in bridge heaven, where this old span—IF THE NEW HIGH-RISE EVER OPENS—is about to go.

    Until that day, “ye olde bridge” suffered another breakdown this past Saturday, and I finally got caught by it.

  • Homemade Halloween costumes provide original looks and memories

    Just about every retailer these days stakes a claim in the Halloween business.

    You can find costumes, wigs, accessories, scary things, gross things and all things spooky at just about every store you venture into. I’m sure for parents on the go, this one-stop shop approach is convenient. But to me, it takes the anticipation and excitement out of the holiday.

    The subject of homemade versus store-bought Halloween costumes came up when talking with friends this weekend, when one said her friend had planned to take her child to buy his costume that day.

  • Smart people don't litter; proud people don't litter

    Some people aren’t very smart.

    OK, maybe that’s a little harsh, but I thought about other ways to say it and this is just as simple as it gets.

    Some people aren’t very smart—particularly people who litter and especially people who throw trash out of the windows of their cars.


    Is it too difficult to hang on to whatever trash you have in your car until reach a destination with a trash can?

  • Will vote for Pantano

    To the editor:

    On the heels of Pantano’s drubbing of soon-to-be former Congressman McIntyre in last Monday’s debate, some thoughts came to mind; namely, why I am voting for Pantano.

    During my time in the USMC, I had to make snap decisions on various individuals. For the most part, I could peg any given individual if they were the real thing or a fraud. Pantano’s the real thing. In fact, as far as Marine Corps leadership traits are concerned, I find Pantano to be 5.0 in every specific. The one that stands out in my mind is integrity.

  • Protect a local business

    To the editor:

    A serious consequence of the construction of the new bridge at Sunset Beach is the devastating impact it is having upon a local business there.

    For more than 30 years, the country store atmosphere of the seafood store at the bridge has lent a charm to Sunset Beach, as has the old bridge, adding to the town’s attractiveness.

    Now a decision by NCDOT to dig a trench in front of the store will effectively block its doorways and strangle the business.

    Why not a storm drain and not a ditch?

  • Don’t vote for Republicans this election

    To the editor:

    Democrats have earned and deserve your support and vote in these elections. You must consider their efforts, and although not perfect, they have avoided a severe depression. Not since the Great Depression has our country been faced with such a potential disaster.

    There was no “blueprint” for correcting the problems they inherited from the Bush administration’s eight years of legislated misgivings that primarily awarded the wealthy.