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  • Disappointed with judge's accusations

    To the editor:
    Last week, an article appeared in an area newspaper about a hands-on program for safe driving practices called Street Safe.
    This is a program being used in Pender, Johnson and New Hanover counties with very good results. It is known as a standard for driving programs.
    It has been promoted by CIS, and they have encouraged its use in our schools. It is a nonprofit, and classes will be taught at Brunswick Community College by off-duty law enforcement officers.

  • Former employee speaks out

    To the editor:
    In response to Peter Gulliver’s comments concerning the POA office workers’ departure, the X-rated email we received at the office was 14 months ago.
    It was a vile, degrading email then, and it still is now. We never thought it was funny at all.
    The email was not sitting in my inbox all this time, as Gulliver claims. It was in my delete box. It was not purged out of the system because it came from Gulliver, and he was a director. You can get in legal trouble for purging emails.

  • Paradise does not mean exemption from tragedy

    In the movie “John Q,” Denzel Washington’s character holds an emergency room full of people hostage until he can secure a heart transplant for his ailing son.

    The opening of the movie seems unrelated at first, but viewers later learn it foreshadowed where the heart would come from. A woman in traffic is ultimately killed when her vehicle is hit by a semi.

  • Goading goats a new goal in Brunswick County

    Just when you thought goats were welcome in Brunswick County, the state steps in to state otherwise.

    According to the North Carolina Department of Administration, it’s time to eradicate all feral goats roaming three spoil islands along the Intracoastal Waterway near Ocean Isle Beach.

    This came as surprising news to me this week.

  • Man in the mirror

    To the editor:

  • Editorial was right on target

    To the editor:

    Your editorial about Sunset Beach’s efforts to make access to public records more difficult was right on target. 

  • We need the port

    To the editor:

  • Kudos to Big Band, Linda Ladrick

     To the editor: