Today's Opinions

  • Help BCC with president search

    On Thursday, the community is invited to come to Brunswick Community College and share thoughts and feedback about qualities and characteristics for the college’s next president.

    Stephen Greiner, who has led the college since summer 2005, has left to become the new president and CEO of Hazard Community and Technical College in Kentucky.

    Brunswick County and BCC are different than they were when Greiner took the helm five years ago. The college’s new leader will have a new set of challenges and goals.

  • New year, new Congress, new General Assembly. New headaches or fresh start?

    Hello, 2011. I’ve been waiting for you.

    After taking some time off for much-needed rest and rejuvenation and enjoying a wonderful holiday season with family and friends, I spent New Year’s Day at a N.C. State basketball game and even managed to down a handful or so of black-eyed peas and a dose of good luck.

    Apparently, I’m still very much a Yankee because I have no idea how to make black-eyed peas taste like anything more than cardboard peas, but all in all, it was a great way to kick off the New Year.

  • East Coast travel troubles finds flyer in a not-so-feel-good time

    Forgive me if I sound like a broken record, but I do need to preface.

    I’m all for airport security, a fan of new technology and respectful of authority.

    That being said, I can’t help but feel a little weary of the advanced image technology and heightened security checkpoints after what I just experienced.

    From my understanding, at checkpoints with the full body scanners, you had a choice. Scan or opt for what many call an “extensive pat-down.”

  • Doesn’t like new golf cart rules

    To the editor:

    In a recent Beacon, I noticed the county was going to require golf carts to be registered. The new law was to go in effect Dec. 1. I received my paper Dec. 2.

    Besides a $25 registration fee, I need to have liability insurance, carry a driver’s license, have a slow-moving vehicle flag or sign and brakes.

  • We need curbside recycling in county

    To the editor:

    We absolutely need curbside recycling, and tax everyone for it. We buy products and we should pay for their disposal, either landfill or forced recycling. This is about lifecycle management.

    Voluntary recycling will not work. It’s being offered now and I’ll bet less than 5 percent of residents do it by the fact that the landfill needs to be expanded.

    Challenge the law in court. It makes no sense to not have personal responsibility for what we consume. Become an environmental progressive county.

  • Doesn’t agree with editorial position

    To the editor:

    When I read your editorial about DSS chair Charles Warren, I was upset at what was said about Mr. Warren’s handling of the DSS case that is under investigation and not yet complete.

    You condemn him for following the law as set by the county personnel manual and state law that concerns the rights of people who are under investigation and the people who complain. There is a reason for this so they can’t be tried in the news by bias or misinformed public information.

  • Don’t publicize your charity work

    To the editor:

    While perusing the Beacon one last time before the new year, I noticed several organizations publicly declaring their acts of kindness to various children and their families by giving a party, delivering toys, etc. and taking pictures of some of these children for the paper.

  • Enjoyed serving Christmas meal

     To the editor:

    My wife and I, along with numerous volunteers, had a very gratifying experience helping Dean Siler distribute a great dinner to the needy on Christmas Day.

    The meal he served included baked ham, roasted turkey, scalloped potatoes, green beans, rolls and cupcakes.

    Dean insisted that everyone got as many meals as they needed to give to their neighbors or other people in need.