Today's Opinions

  • Support Ingram in election

    To the editor: As we contemplate the election of a sheriff of Brunswick County, the reality is there is a Republican primary and those who like what Sheriff John Ingram is doing won’t get a chance to vote for him if they don’t show up and vote at the primary on May 4.

  • Voting in primary is important

    To the editor: If you are concerned about our national debt, state spending and the ever-increasing role of government in our everyday lives, the 2010 elections offer you a chance to do something about it.

    Furthermore, if you are a conservative who wants to ensure the Republican Party stands strong for constitutional principles of freedom, limited government and states’ rights, you should pay attention to the May 4 Republican primary elections.

  • Board of education faces tough decisions with shrinking budget

    Brunswick County Schools officials have some tough decisions ahead of them.

    In light of troubled economy, the district is anticipating budget cuts for the upcoming fiscal year.

    Recently, as a solution to save the district money, a proposal was presented that would remove pre-K services from the school district. It’s an effort that, if adopted, would mean some $450,000 in Title I funding could go to elementary and high schools throughout Brunswick County—each county elementary and high school could receive an additional $35,000.

  • Can officials now pick and choose which Constitutional rights apply to the public?

    A decision made Monday by the United States Supreme Court has left many wondering if First Amendment rights apply to only certain people in certain places.

    The Supreme Court ruled Monday a former high school student could not sue school officials for prohibiting her and her school’s wind ensemble from playing an instrumental version of “Ave Maria” at the school’s 2006 graduation.

  • Everyone has an opinion about healthcare reform; what's yours?

    It started on Facebook.

    Then it was Twitter.

    Soon, I was getting notifications in my e-mail.

    One said, “A victory for common sense.”

    One praised the president.

    One simply announced it had happened.

    “The healthcare bill just passed!” it proclaimed.

  • Health bill still being debated by breakfast crowd

    As countdown ensued Tuesday for President Obama to sign the healthcare reform bill, the morning crowd in Calabash was still debating its merits—or its demerits, depending on perspective.

    “Well, I’d just like to say I think it’s a bad thing for this country,” said Daphen Edge of Little River, S.C., waiting for an appointment at a local doctor’s office.

    First of all, she doesn’t understand its massive details.

  • Criticism is unwarranted

    To the editor: Last week, the Beacon published a letter from Walter Weber commending the newly elected Carolina Shores commissioners for their efforts to solve some of our community concerns.

    Mr. Riccitelli and I also are pleased with their hard work on these issues; we campaigned for them last fall and support their efforts to move our community forward.

    Our disappointment was in the lack of options offered to the board.

  • Friends, family celebrate the long life of Harvey Robinson

    In the 1985 hit movie “Cocoon,” a group of elderly Florida residents become rejuvenated and youthful when they start swimming in a pool inhabited by alien pods.

    The men start noticing their wives again. Couples start going out dancing. They start kicking butt in shuffleboard tournaments and enjoying life for the first time in years.

    By the end of the movie, however, the “life force” has gone from the pool, and most of the retirees decide to go with the aliens to their home planet, where they will never grow older, never get sick and never die.