Today's Opinions

  • Visitor will come back

    To the editor:

    People say it’s hard to find good help or someone to help. After recent events, I do not agree.

    My husband and I were on vacation in Holden Beach recently, a much-needed vacation, when we began having car problems. A car problem in a strange place equals a major stressor, but we certainly did find a person to help.

  • Integrity for those who served

    To the editor:

    Although I don’t know where Mr. John Difloure is coming from when he calls Congressman McIntyre “Pelosi’s lapdog,” I do have to agree with him that the McIntyre mailing is nothing more than a slick agency-created campaign piece. The small type “Veterans Newsletter” doesn’t fool anyone. So give the money back, Mike.

  • Council woman apologizes

    To the editor:

    I would like to extend an open apology to the shop owners and congregants who attend services in Pelican Square.

    In retrospect, my attempt to use humor to make a point was not the best approach I could have employed. I recognize and applaud the contributions each of the establishments make to Sunset Beach and no disrespect to their efforts was intended.

    My goal is to improve the facade and general look of Pelican Square for the benefit of the town and the establishments in the Square.

  • Park will be good for the community

    To the editor:

    My husband and I have owned a house on Sunset Beach Island for the last 35 years. We’ve been through many a real estate boom and bust. Inevitably they happen in a resort area like this every 10 to 20 years, and almost always coincide with a serious national recession.

    The local communities that emerge best from these uncertain periods are those that manage to retain their vision for their future and act accordingly. Economic contractions are treated as opportunities to buy when everyone else is selling.

  • Excited about bridge preservation options

    To the editor:

    For the past few weeks, the Old Sunset Beach Bridge Preservation Society has been working to save our iconic swing bridge as a piece of our history and a symbol of our town. At times, the challenge seemed daunting.

    On Aug. 12, the Sunset Beach Town Council found a path to agreement and a way to save the historic swing bridge.

    After extensive discussion and the expression of many opinions, the voices of residents, property owners and visitors were heard.

  • Taxpayer watchdog group: Burr a ‘hero,’ Hagan, McIntyre ‘hostile’

    One’s a hero and the other two are just hostile—at least, according to a taxpayer watchdog group.

    According to the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, North Carolina has a “hero” Senator and a “hostile” Senator when it comes to spending our money. Turns out we also have a “hostile” Congressman when it comes to spending.

  • It’s back-to-school time; don’t put your eye out and don’t start a fire

    It’s been a long time since I’ve prepared what I was going to wear the day before I actually wore it, but as a kid, picking out the perfect outfit was a rite of passage during the school year.

    And no day was that outfit more thought-out than for the first day of school.

    OK adults; think back. Remember how great it was to get that brand new pair of shoes? The pair that was expected to last an entire year?

  • Town park is not best use of taxpayer dollars

    All of our communities must give serious consideration to the development of green spaces in our growing county.

    Sunset Beach is no exception to this; however, we do not think investing nearly $4 million into a park property is the best use of taxpayer dollars—especially in light of this challenging economy.

    Previously, Sunset Beach commissioners agreed to move forward on the 5.22-acre waterway site only if the town could secure 50 percent of the $3.75 million price in matching grant funding before Sept. 10.