Today's Opinions

  • Doesn't want to pay for safety class

    To the editor: Re: the July editorial on boat safety:

    I find the idea of taking $30-$40 out of the pockets of the people of North Carolina is just a tax drive by the North Carolina General Assembly to draw more taxes from people and God knows who else will have to pay to operate a 10 horsepower boat in the Atlantic waterways.

    Why should we have to shell out of our Social Security and little income money to learn how to operate a boat safely? We have always known how to do that.

    Big politics are always thinking of how to get our money on one pretext or another.

  • Healthcare plan is not the answer

    To the editor: While many agree healthcare needs reform, the House Democrat plan is not the way to go.

    Like Stimulus and Cap and Trade before, we are being asked trust and speed this legislation without understanding its full impact.

    This bill forces all people into the government plan by banning enrollment in private plans; leave a job –and you must enroll in the government plan.

    This puts all 1,300 private healthcare companies out of business.

  • Doesn't want government-sponsored healthcare

    To the editor: Government-sponsored healthcare—is it good or bad? Depends on which side of the fence you sit.

    Some healthcare, I suppose, is better than no health coverage. For those of us who have private health insurance, we will be kissing private insurance goodbye. Blue Cross in the long term cannot compete with a government-sponsored insurance program; it will be only a matter of time before they go out of business.

    The service you will receive under our government-sponsored health program will be unacceptable to those who have had private insurance.

  • Responds to healthcare letter

    To the editor: A recent letter in the Brunswick Beacon alluded to the writer’s impression that most of the people against the Obama power grab/ healthcare scheme were those on Medicare, seeing that as ironic.

    Why? People on Medicare tend to be a little older and wiser and not impressed by the fawning mainstream media acting as Obama cheerleaders instead of performing their role as a watchdog on a runaway government.

  • Doesn't think superintendent is doing a good job

    To the editor: Concerning the grievance regarding superintendent, Katie McGee: People of this county, here we go again. This superintendent is not doing a good job for Brunswick County children.

    I wonder how much money she is spending this time because paying for an attorney is by the hour and there have already been two days of hearings, not to mention the preparation time she used.

  • Don't disrespect the national anthem

    To the editor: I watched the Fourth of July celebration in Washington, D.C., on television. Once again, I was saddened to see and hear our national anthem disrespected by a singer who chose to take artistic license with this solemn song.

    “The Star Spangled Banner” is to be performed in public in the manner in which it was written with all the respect possible. As much as I blame the singers for this behavior, I also blame the program producers for selecting these performers and not demanding total respect for our national anthem in their presentation.

  • Town should take care of rollbacks

    To the editor: I would like to comment on the letter from Herb Tinger (Sunset Beach mainlander) about the trash can rollback on the island.

    There are three types of homeowners on the island: permanent residents like I am; homeowners who rent; and homeowners who do not rent.

    Ron Watts could charge his 425 rental owners an extra fee. The other rental companies could do the same.

  • Schedule some family fun at Fort Fisher

    As someone who helped pull together a bowling/pizza party for my daughter’s 7th birthday after returning home from a four-day business trip, I know the need for families to spend time together.

    The whole morning before the party, my daughter was saying, “I can’t stop smiling. I’m so excited.” That made it all worthwhile. Parties, outings, just spending time together are the kinds of thing parents remember about their children as they grow up and start to spend less and less time with their families.