Today's Opinions

  • Finally, the light of day

    To the editor: Re: School board doesn’t renew Katie McGee’s contract:

    My immediate response was and is: Has “the light of day” finally come to the voting majority on this school board? Citizens had lost faith in this superintendent a long time ago.

    Now to get rid of the problem: I hope this school board will vote to go ahead and buy out her contract and get rid of her for good. It is the same money if she is paid now or until June next year. The only difference is we don’t have to deal with more of her mismanagement.

  • One down, one to go

    To the editor: One down and Babson to go. Wasn’t it Shirley Babson and company that promptly fired Superintendent Daniel five years ago, paying him his full year’s salary, and wasn’t it she that spearheaded the immediate hiring of McGee, paying her a full salary for the same year—at our expense?

    As I recall, The Brunswick Beacon and other newspapers were not flooded with negative articles regarding the functioning of our school system during Daniel’s tenure. Why then was he replaced by McGee before the start of the school year?

  • Dismayed about Sheehan event

    To the editor: I am quite dismayed to learn Cindy Sheehan, antiwar activist, mother who disrupts military funerals, is scheduled to speak at the Brunswick Community College auditorium on Oct. 26.

    I resent the fact our local community college is hosting such a personality and by doing so, endorsing her anti-military views in our community and county. I question the decision of allowing her to have access to “our” community college facilities. What’s next?

  • 'Careless' release of an inmate is a mistake that can't happen again

    When we heard last week a Brunswick County Detention Center officer had released the wrong inmate from jail, we wanted to know how that could happen.

    Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram had an answer. It was “careless,” he said, not an “accident.”

    Detention officer Jamie Lynn Jenrette released Rosher Rodriquez-Aguilar, 27, without properly checking his photo and identifying armband, Ingram said. The mistake ultimately cost Jenrette her job, indicating what appears to be a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior by the sheriff’s office.

  • Want to know more about elections in Brunswick? Visit www.brunswickbeacon.com

    Next week, The Brunswick Beacon will join together with the Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce, Sunset Properties and ATMC TV to bring residents political candidate forums for some of the most hotly contested races in Brunswick County.

    We’ll be hosting forums for the towns of Carolina Shores, Calabash, Sunset Beach and Shallotte. A story in today’s Beacon will detail the forums including dates, times, locations and format.

  • Have a doggone good time this weekend with your four-legged friend

    This weekend, Brunswick County will go to the dogs.

    October seems to be the month for a variety of festivals, fundraisers and competitions, but this weekend is devoted to the canines in the county.

    Being a dog owner myself, I am brought to tears every time I see one of those commercials showing animal abuse and neglect while a sad, sentimental song plays in the background. They affect me so much, I either have to quickly change the channel or scoop up my own puppy and hold her, telling her she is loved and will never end up in that situation.

  • If you get the boot, you'll have to pay

    Darlene Dover had been soaking up beach sun on a pleasant, last Monday in September when she returned to her car parked between the Sunset Beach gazebo and fishing pier.

    Igniting the engine of her 1999 Toyota Camry, the part-time Brunswick County resident put the car in gear and attempted to drive away.

    All she got was a car that wouldn’t budge and a cacophony of metal grinding against metal.

    “I went to see if I left my chair in back,” said Dover, recalling how she got out of her car to check the problem.

  • How to win the war in Afghanistan

    To the editor:

    “It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.”–Douglas MacArthur.

    I will recount a very brief bit of advice from MacArthur made from his deathbed at Walter Reed Hospital in 1964. Several White House and military types went to see him to discuss strategies for winning in Vietnam. The general had said often not to engage China in a land war, but this time he said with one of his last breaths, “scorched earth, scorched earth.”