Today's Opinions

  • Needs stolen purse returned

    To the editor: This letter is to the woman who took my purse at a yard sale in the park at downtown Shallotte Saturday. We know who you are and are watching for you.

    This is a plea to please return the contents of the purse, keep the money and we all shall feel better toward you.

    Please return the purse to a person or location of safe keeping in Shallotte.

    My special prescription sunglasses are important to me since I have eye problems and my car keys are in there also.

  • Get involved in your community; do your homework

    After years of working in a popular low-key retirement destination, I still never cease to be impressed by how involved the citizens of some of our local communities are in the local political issues that affect them.

    These politically active residents have made me realize being retired isn’t just about sitting on your porch and letting life pass you by. It’s just the start of a new chapter in your life—when you have time to really speak out about issues that affect you.

  • Do kids know gun safety?

    To the editor: In John Heidtke’s column, “Stories of Living, Working and Dying in America’s Gun Culture,” he asks local high school students: “Are there loaded guns in your home? Have you secretly handled the guns?”

    You failed to ask: What is the first thing you should do when you find a gun or someone hands you a gun? What are basic firearms safety rules? Surprise—it’s not part of their public school curriculum.

  • Thanks for help with gala

    To the editor: Boys & Girls Homes of N.C. Family Foster Care and Adoption Program celebrated its first annual gala on May 21. The gala, with a Mardi Gras theme, was a dinner cruise on the Henrietta III in Wilmington, including live entertainment, a silent auction and plenty of fun.

    The Boys & Girls Homes of N.C. Foster Care and Adoptions Program would like to thank the sponsors and everyone who attended the first annual gala for making it a success.

  • Affordable healthcare needed

    To the editor: I am disheartened our administration and Congress appear more concerned with controlling health insurance than providing excellent care at a reasonable cost with freedom of choice.

    The federal government has never done anything well, with the notable exception of our armed services. The U.S. Postal Service, Amtrak and other ineffective and costly government programs have been a drag on the economy and have mainly benefited federal employees with generous health insurance and pension programs that all American taxpayers are obligated to pay.

  • Needs help with missing wallet

    To the editor: On June 2, I was involved in an automobile accident on U.S. 17 in Shallotte. I was transported to Brunswick Community Hospital by Brunswick County EMS, and the Shallotte Police Department was at the scene.

    After about five hours in the emergency room, I was released and called a friend to pick me up and take me home. Upon arriving home, it occurred to me I didn’t have my wallet in its usual place.

    My friend and I called the Shallotte Police Department and the hospital, but unfortunately, no one could tell me the whereabouts of my wallet.

  • Petition won't change things in Carolina Shores

    To the editor: Misinformation is circulating in Carolina Shores. Often, after citizen input is heard, the board appears to disregard it. This is because extensive research, knowledge and discussion precede board votes.

    Residents dissatisfied with those decisions must elect replacement commissioners. The powers of the figurehead mayor are the same in mayor-council and council-manager government. Under both forms of government, the mayor’s role is limited per N.C. General Statute 160A-151 per the following:

  • Appreciates hospital, staff

    To the editor: I just recently had a stay in Brunswick Community Hospital. I went in as an emergency patient and was later admitted. I want to praise the hospital and its staff for taking such exceptional care of me.

    I could not have received better care anywhere else in the country. The staff in the ER was right on top of things from

    the start and once I was admitted, I received exactly what I needed.

    I would like to say thanks to the doctor and nurses who helped me. It is so nice to know we have a quality