Today's Opinions

  • Marine video is shocking and shameful

    A recent YouTube video shows a uniformed Marine referred to as “Motari” standing on a rocky-looking cliff, holding a small, black-and-white puppy by the scruff of the neck.

    The soldier then “trips,” and the puppy is thrown off the edge. Cringing cries can be heard as the puppy allegedly plunges to its death.

    The video is absolutely horrifying. When I first heard about it on the news, I had to change the channel. I couldn’t even watch the newscast, let alone the clip of the actual video.

  • Dirty restrooms should not be the norm

    You know that feeling. Almost everyone has experienced it.

    It happened to me recently in a Wilmington mall. I was walking along shopping, minding my own business, when my bladder sent a message to my brain saying, “Hey, you shouldn’t have slurped up that big ol’ Sprite.”

    I tried to ignore my bladder, but it was eventually screaming, “The tsunami is coming.” I knew I had to take action. I was in a nice department store and headed for the nearest ladies room.

  • Another taxing situation passes

    Lately, my favorite proclamation-day of the week is TGISGMTDBA15—Thank God I Somehow Got My Taxes Done Before April 15.

    It was no thanks to those free, do-it-yourself online tax preparation services, which got me in trouble one year for creating confusion in my head and causing me to answer a few questions wrong, according to the mighty Internal Revenue Service.

  • Teachers are not bad guys or monsters

    To the editor: I am really fed up with teachers being the bad guys.

    Teachers in this county work very hard to provide the best possible education and environment for our kids.

    Take into consideration that in one elementary classroom, there can be kids with abilities ranging from kindergarten reading and math to well above their grade level, yet we expect one teacher to teach all those kids the same curriculum and have them pass the test at the end of the year. That is not reasonable in any way, but we ask every teacher to do it every day.

  • Jessie Mae Monroe is not a bad place

    To the editor: With all the negativity surrounding Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary as of late, we feel compelled to say something.

    Our daughter has been attending Jessie Mae for three years. The teachers have proven to be wonderful and accommodating and the principal does a great job holding things together.

    Just last week, the principal, Mrs. Rourk, once again went above and beyond what we feel her “normal” duties should be.

    We want to publicly thank Mrs. Rourk and all of the fine teachers at Jessie Mae Monroe for giving our daughter a solid education.

  • School's positives outweigh negatives

    To the editor: As a parent of a child in Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary, I felt compelled to speak out against the parents who hold this school in low regard.

    I found many of these things that the parents allege to be a tad over-stated, to say the least. My son loves to go to school, and I have had many positive experiences with the staff at Jessie Mae.

    They always keep me up-to-date with my son’s progress and have been helpful when I have questions about my child’s education.

  • Thank you, Mrs. McKeithan

    To the editor: She walked by my desk. I had been picked up by the police late Sunday afternoon for stealing gas.

    I was so embarrassed on Monday I would not go out for recess after lunch.

    Mrs. Katie May McKeithan, my eighth-grade teacher, walked near my desk and said, “Donnie, you see what trouble bad company causes?”

    She was kind and caring. I will never forget her comforting words. All the students in the eighth grade at Waccamaw High School that year in 1941 loved her.

    She was to remain our homeroom teacher throughout our high school years.

  • Gilbert made his actions public

    To the editor: Ray Gilbert’s personal life is on display as he is a public figure, but not from the viewpoint that anyone made it public; his own actions dictated that.

    Let’s review some facts about Mr. Gilbert’s recent actions.

    He was arrested and charged with failing to pay child support before he was elected; he allegedly threatened Ms. Hankins to the point of fear of her life; and he had an affair outside of his vows of marriage.