Today's Opinions

  • Thanks for acting swiftly, safely

    To the editor: I would like to take the time to thank all of the children, teachers, parents, grandparents, and friends that came to see the dance recital at the Odell Williamson Auditorium for the wonderful way they came out of the auditorium when a fire alarm went off in the middle of a dance.  

    There was no panic; no screams, just a very quiet way to the exits and left. When it was all clear they came back in and the show went on.  

    I am so proud of being part of a great group I wanted all to know about this.

  • Responds to fishing comments

    To the editor: I am writing in response to Mr. Cooper’s comments about his fishing pier and net fishing.

    He should worry more about the pollution around the pier than someone fishing with a gill net. These people are only trying to make a living and feed their families. It is hard enough for commercial fishermen to make it now and he is making it that much harder for them.

  • County hit it out of the park

    To the editor:How unusual for the Beacon’s headline to read: “No county tax increase, no new fees.”

    I feel blessed to be living in a place where “tax and spend” is not the core belief of our local government leadership.

    The psychology of our nationwide economy is causing paranoia and severe distrust of big government, and for good reason. As a result, our stock market is floundering as the people look for solid leadership and some positive economic news.

  • Wake up, Washington

    To the editor: With the worst environmental disaster this country has ever encountered already over a month old, one must ask: “What has this government administration done to shut off the flow of oil...to plug the leak?”

    It is obvious BP cannot do it alone. It appears we have the typical Washington crowd (mostly politicians) either placing blame, pointing fingers, or holding unending meetings, hearings and studies to determine how this all happened and what is transpiring.

  • What was once ‘outrageous’ soon becomes cute and quaint

    It’s funny the way the public perceives elements of popular culture changes over time.

    As a child, I hated “hippie” style music because it seemed so dated. Instead, I enjoyed dancing to disco. Then, when that became passé, I began to sit down and enjoy “hippie” music and folk-rock, because it was once again popular.

  • Early College High School is providing unique opportunities for area students

    It has been an intense four years for some Brunswick County students.

    Since 2006, students in Brunswick County’s Early College High School program have been studying their high school curriculum while at the same time exploring life in college.

    By taking college-level courses at Brunswick Community College, students have the opportunity to finish high school while earning a college-level associate’s degree—in just four years.

  • Little lockboxes and a whole lot of trust from small businesses in Brunswick County

    The first time I saw it, I was on my way to a northeastern part of the county.

    My husband had seen it before me. He couldn’t believe it and he wanted me to see it too.

    “Check this out,” he said, pulling into a small produce stand off a busy road.

    We got out of the car and walked over. No one was there, but there was plenty of seasonal produce available. Nearby was a locked box. There was a sign directing people to insert payment into the box.

    “An honor box?” I asked, bewildered.

  • What’s the future of healthcare?

    To the editor: I recently contracted poison ivy and developed cellulitis while traveling. I went to a clinic near Dallas, and was told they were not accepting Medicare patients. I offered to pay for treatment but was denied.

    I then went into another clinic and was told they already had three people waiting and I could not been seen.

    Next, I went to a clinic where I was told they were not accepting Medicare patients even though I also had Tri Care for Life (military retiree) and credit cards.