Today's Opinions

  • Let volunteers into animal shelter

    To the editor: I have volunteered with animal shelters for many years. I have never found a shelter that did not welcome volunteers into the shelter. Refusing to allow volunteers into the shelter is perceived as hiding what happens there.

    Many residents of Brunswick County would volunteer time, energy and talents to help animals there find new homes. I firmly believe if you allow volunteers into the shelter, your adoption rates will improve and public perception of animal control will improve.

  • What events make your Top 10 list of the last decade?

    The first decade of the new millennium has come to an end, and it’s safe to say several events that occurred during the 2000s will definitely be printed in history books for years to come.

    When I think about the decade in rewind, my mind automatically thinks back to Sept. 11, 2001, and recalls the recent the election of President Barack Obama.

    Much like the Kennedy assination, 9/11 is an event that seemed to stop time, as everyone remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing at that time.

  • Theater is becoming a hot property in Brunswick

    Believe it or not, Brunswick County is turning into a real happening place for community theater.

    More than 25 years ago, a group of performance-minded ladies in the Southport/Oak Island area put together the first local theater group, The Brunswick Players. Led by longtime theater lover Stuart Callari, the group thrived for years and put on numerous plays at Hatch Auditorium at the N.C. Baptist Assembly at Fort Caswell.

  • Paying for our government

    To the editor: After World War II, all the countries of Europe went socialistic. They decided their governments would practice socialism versus capitalism.

    That being said, it is common practice for people under socialism—democratic socialism—to take a whole year off with full pay if a woman bears a child. The woman can take off a whole year with pay, and in some countries, the father can do the same.

    Likewise, unemployment insurance is full pay for whatever time it takes to find another job.

  • Happy New Year

    To the editor: We have all had someone wish us “Happy New Year!” Did those words ever come true? If not, could it be because what makes us happy has not become a reality in our lives?

    “We are all created with a god-shaped vacuum in our hearts,” said Billy Graham. Some attempt to fill this vacuum with many different activities other than a relationship with God.

  • Find the good

    To the editor: Find the good in every day, hold it in your heart like a scripture.

    It’s easy to see the negative, hard to paint the perfect picture.

    Frequently we take for granted, frequently we forget

    What is it that’s important, and what is it we should regret.

    Opportunities we don't take turn into an infamous mistake.

    Always working, always taking short breaks.

    Some bet it all and wager their lives

    And some play it safe and struggle inside

    Whenever not sure, up is always the definite rout.

  • So To Save Us

    To the editor: With nature’s rules, whole world will comply;

    At night, deep darkness does fill whole sky.

    Then morning breaks and sun begins to rise,

    Starting new day with God’s great surprise.

    Early one morning, new baby had been born;

    His or her body from mother was then torn.

    Such a sweet child still so worth seeing,

    Separate new entity it now was being.

    When praying without raving or ranted,

    Many more things, Gracious God granted.

    When our prayers will answer each and all,

  • Student suggests Web site changes

    To the editor: A student in communication studies at UNC-Wilmington recently presented her proposal for re-designing the university’s Web site. As part of a required project in pursuit of her bachelor’s degree, Stephanie Putnam of Leland recommended the separation of academic and non-academic subjects for continuing education courses.

    UNC-Wilmington’s Web site currently processes CE requests; however, with this change, Brunswick Community College, as well as teachers in eight surrounding counties, could benefit from easier, more informative accessibility.