Today's Opinions

  • Swartz is the man for the job

    To the editor: The primary and General Election are nearly here, especially the primary, which will take place May 6.

    Every vote counts, and I’ll be casting mine for Paul Swartz for county commissioner, Brunswick County 4th District, who is running as a Democratic candidate.

  • Former educator will serve us well

    To the editor: I am writing this letter in support of candidate Paul Swartz.

    Paul is a candidate for county commissioner of Brunswick County.

    I strongly believe he will work hard for all citizens of Brunswick County.

    Because of his past experiences as a county commissioner in Maryland, he will hit the ground running.

    Paul has a bachelor’s degree from Shepherd University and a master’s degree from West Virginia University. An educator for 36 years, he was a teacher, coach and an administrator serving at the secondary and college levels.

  • Clinton should not step aside

    To the editor: There is no justification for Sen. Hillary Clinton to step aside in favor of Sen. Barrack Obama to be the Democratic Party nominee for U.S. president.

    She has earned her place as the nominee via many years of dedication and hard work to improve the lives and circumstances of U.S. citizens.

    Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright said as First Lady, Hillary Clinton was briefed prior to the many trips she made to foreign countries; trips that were purposeful.

  • What can you do? More than you think

    Thirty-four children in North Carolina died as a result of child abuse in 2006.

    That’s not just a statistic. That’s 34 people who will never go to high school, go on a first date, get married or have children of their own—34 souls that came into the world pure and full of promise for the future and who never had a chance.

  • Debate to bring state issues to Southeast coast

    While the bid for Democratic and Republican spots for the next president of the United States has dominated national media, local voters also have some important races to decide this May much closer to home.

    In addition to determining who’ll be on the November ballot for county commissioner, school board and other races, Brunswick County voters will have the chance to select nominees for North Carolina’s next governor.

  • A lesson about how to prevent a police scandal

    At 5 a.m. on a Monday morning in an FBI field office, there was a loud knock on the front door. The young night clerk on duty inside inquired

    “Good Morning, sir. May I help you?” The serious-looking man dressed in a business suit and trench coat identified himself as the No. 1 inspector from FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., accompanied then and there by 10 other inspectors.

    All were admitted with their heavy briefcases, and they set to work immediately.

  • The need for a new Oak Island bridge becomes all too clear

    Last Wednesday, I backed out of my driveway on Oak Island and drove toward N.C. 211 to make the daily commute to Shallotte.

    As I crossed the Oak Island Bridge, my phone rang. It was a colleague calling to warn me about an accident on N.C. 211. A tanker had overturned spilling its contents over the roadway.

    Because Hazmat teams were already hard at work cleaning it up, I only expected a slight delay.

  • Transportation one of our biggest state issues

    Sitting in traffic Tuesday morning waiting for the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge to lower so I could get moving, I was mulling over column ideas.

    I was listening to parents call and complain about the failing public schools system in North Carolina on local talk radio. But I didn’t feel like writing about the school system.

    As traffic finally began moving again, I was still searching the inner corners of my brain for an idea. My goal was to have my column all but written by the time I arrived at work. If only I could find the inspiration I needed, I would be set.