Today's Opinions

  • Save our battleship

    With every passing day, we lose more and more World War II veterans, members of our nation’s greatest generation. Now, we are in danger of losing our state’s monument to them and others who lost their lives in that war.

  • Sunset Beach officials raise reasonable doubts

    All residents of Brunswick County — including elected officials — have the right to voice their opinions on matters that affect their way of life. When the public cannot discern whom its elected officials are representing, however, it raises legitimate questions about potential conflicts of interest. Sunset Beach Town Councilman Wilson Sherrill and Mayor Ron Watts have found themselves the subject of such questions in the past month.

  • Senate Bill 369 bad for Brunswick County

    Maybe the loss of privilege licenses will not affect the bottom line of Brunswick County’s municipalities much, but Senate Bill 369 certainly will if it should become law.

  • Local economy making comeback

    It appears the economic recovery in Brunswick County is gaining momentum based on construction projects in progress.

  • Superintendent search for show

    Congratulations to Les Tubb, who has become Brunswick County Schools’ 10th superintendent in 30 years after serving in an interim capacity twice in five years.

  • Coroner’s office bill warrants explanation

    Every county in North Carolina has either a coroner or a medical examiner, though most by now employ the latter. Brunswick County is not among them, with Greg White having served as our coroner for the past 30 years.

  • Support sustainable minimum wage

    To the editor:

    In the Bible, Jesus tells the story of the good vineyard owner who paid all of his laborers a full day’s wage, to define how his father would treat all of us. Many conservative voters interpret this to mean only the owner has the right to set wages. Democrats see a fairness and sustainability problem with the GOP freezing minimum wages as inflation has raised consumer cost and rising productivity has continued to increase profits.

  • Local deputies warrant high commendations

    To the editor:

    I am remiss in not noting the deputy’s name and badge number, but he was directing traffic Jan. 24 on U.S. 17 outside St. Brendan the Navigator Roman Catholic Church in Shallotte.

    As I pulled into the turn lane, I ran over debris that caused a tire to blow out. This deputy immediately came to my aid by finding and identifying the metal debris. He then directed me to place my car on the median in order to clear traffic flow and to keep my car safe.