Today's Opinions

  • A most memorable Friday

    First this week, I want to thank Jim Moore for inviting me to speak at the South Brunswick Islands Rotary Club meeting last Friday. If his name seems familiar, it’s because he often contributes spectacular photos to our sports section.

    Secondly, I want to thank the SBI Rotary members for listening to what I had to say. They’re a fun bunch — much more lively than I can be during a 7:30 a.m. meeting. I told them when Jim invited me to speak to them, I thought their meetings were at 7:30 at night. It drew a laugh, but I wasn’t kidding.

  • Cooper doesn’t stand up for law enforcement

    To the editor:

    I have been wondering: Does North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper really stand up for law enforcement? Last week’s endorsement of Gov. Pat McCrory by the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association answers that for me.

  • Beyond the surface: No two stories the same

    By Dr. Susanne Adams

    Guest Columnist

    What is your story? No two stories are the same — out of 7 billion people in the world — no one is me and no one is you.

    What a wonderful library of stories and life lessons we could access if we dug deep into the lives of those who cross our paths.

  • Rights do not justify uncivil behavior, words

    To the editor:

    I would like to thank The Brunswick Beacon’s managing editor, Jackie Torok, for the wonderful civics lesson she provides on freedom of speech in her Sept. 1 column. At a time when freedom of speech has become a casualty in the nationwide war for political correctness, it’s refreshing to hear it is still valued on the public square.

  • CIS program decisions explained

    To the editor:

    Last week Communities In Schools of Brunswick County (CIS) made a decision just prior to the start of school to close fee-based Before and After School Programs at Belville, Southport, and Town Creek elementary schools because of a lack of adequate student registration.

    Once this difficult decision was made, parents who had registered their children, staff, and affected schools were notified. This resulted in an outpouring of concern and pleas to reconsider the decision because of limited community child-care options.

  • Drivers need to slow down on Sunset Beach island roadways

    To the editor:

    My husband and I just returned home from a glorious month at Sunset Beach. It was our 35th year of visiting the prettiest beach on earth, so we’re very familiar with life on the island. It is exactly because we love the island that I write this letter.

  • Retirement and the 2016 election

    By Richard Rogers

    Guest Columnist

    A presidential and gubernatorial election year means lots of uncertainties, especially from an economic and investment perspective. At both the national and state levels, voters are tuned into proposed plans from respective candidates on retirement benefits and Social Security.

  • You decide: Have we won the war on poverty?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    It’s amazing how time can change perceptions. Frequently we see this with past presidents. Helped by a popular Broadway play and multi-volume biography, President Lyndon Johnson’s reputation has undergone a dramatic revaluation. Formerly scorned by many for his role in the Vietnam War, Johnson is now being praised for his legislative accomplishments — most notably civil rights.