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  • Pruden sets school superintendent standard

    This time next year, Brunswick County Schools will likely have a new superintendent.

    We hope that person matches Edward Pruden’s caliber. While we have not agreed with everything he has done during his tenure as the school district’s leader for the past four years, it is obvious he genuinely cares about students and their success. It is the most important character trait a school system leader should have.

  • Gore leaves lasting legacy

    It might have been easier for Edward Mannon Gore to simply live in the shadow of his father, who founded the town where he spent most of his life.

    Instead, Ed Gore chose to not only build upon the legacy of Mannon C. Gore, but also leave his own mark on Sunset Beach, Brunswick County and North Carolina.

    After graduating from what is now East Carolina University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, the Longwood native served our county in the Air Force where he monitored Russian radio transmissions during the Cold War before returning home.

  • Hewett’s death a tragic ending to a sad story

    Any journalist with an ounce of compassion does not delight in reporting an event like the death of former Brunswick County Sheriff Ronald Hewett.

    Hewett’s story is familiar to most long-time residents. When he first became sheriff in 1994 at age 31, he was the youngest to be elected to the office in North Carolina. Hewett’s leadership heralded a new era for the sheriff’s office, which was stinging from Herman Strong’s resignation following his conviction on federal drug-smuggling and conspiracy charges.

  • Sunset Beach tax hike proposal indicates poor job

    To the editor:
    I read with shock and dismay that Sunset Beach has spent more money than revenue received in all but one of the last five years. The town is now proposing a 60-percent tax hike. I assume this outrageous increase being proposed will be cut to 30 percent by town council, who will tell the taxpayers what a good job they are doing. A 30-percent increase is not a good job! Continuously spending more than you take in is not a good job. Continuously telling the public that finances are in good shape when obviously they are not is not a good job.

  • Pray for persecuted Christians

    To the editor:

  • Possible tax increase in Sunset Beach should raise serious alarm

    To the editor:
    Last year, Sunset Beach Town Administrator Susan Parker recommended a 31-percent tax rate increase. The council and mayor gave the impression the town’s fiscal problems were not as serious as proclaimed by Parker. To prove this point, not one agenda item was devoted discussing her alarming proposed tax rate increase. Mayor Ron Watts even claimed in the Beacon “the town is financially strong.”

  • Recognizing BFA volunteers

    To the editor:
    On April 15, Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) hosted a breakfast program to honor and salute volunteers for their dedication and hard work. We would like to recognize publicly to all Brunswick County residents the passion, dedication and community service of our volunteers. BFA is very fortunate to have 87 volunteers who dedicate their time, talent and expertise to provide assistance and services to our neighbors in financial crisis.

  • Lack of ‘uber’ clarity is an editing error

    One night last week, when I was checking in with my dad to let him know I was on my way home from work, he offered his usual critique of that week’s Beacon. More often than not, my parents start by reading my column because they’re my parents, then read the rest of the editorial page.

    As most readers know, our staff writers write a weekly column on a rotating basis. Now that my folks have met each of our reporters in person, they make a point of reading their columns, too.