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  • On Campus with BCC: ‘Pocket facts’ to share about your community college

    By Dr. Susanne Adams

    Guest Columnist

    Each year, Brunswick Community College (BCC) publishes a brief enrollment report for the fall semester.

    This report, affectionately branded “Pocket Facts,” is used by our board of trustees, foundation directors and the campus community to share current details about the college.

  • Passionate people, compassionate community

    With all the letters to the editor we had in last week’s edition— 20 of ‘em — it felt like an early Christmas gift to me.

    It wasn’t because all those letters left no room for my column and, therefore, a little less work for me. No, it was because it reminded me how passionate Beacon readers are about this community we call home. You care enough to share your opinions publicly, and that makes me happy.

  • End voter suppression tactics in N.C.

    To the editor:

    Our democracy depends on Americans exercising their right to vote.

    Voting shows we are proud to be Americans and brings us together. Voting is the one time we are equal. Your vote counts the same as the next person, even if he or she has 20 times your income.

    Voting is patriotic and it is our duty. Who can argue with these statements? Apparently, our Republican representatives in Raleigh.

    In 2013, the GOP-led legislature passed measures to make it harder to vote, especially for minorities.

  • Water hazard has become ugly cesspool

    To the editor:

    Have you thought about where you want to live when you retire?

    If yes, did you think of a retirement community on a golf course? Me either!

    Then comes that day when you are nearing retirement and while traveling you drive by one of those communities.

    Your wife says, “That looks like a nice place,” so you stop and look at property/lots and amenities that are available to you if you live there. Soon you find a pre-existing home that fits your desires for retirement and the deal is done.

  • Slight personal savings would hurt thousands

    To the editor:

    Why should I be surprised the Republicans against universal health care propose to eliminate the itemization of health-care costs for income tax purposes? I’m not.

    I roughed out my income tax using the proposed Republican rates and found my tax would be cut by approximately $480 or 4.7 percent. Do I really need that money when I consider my past and what may befall me in the future?

  • What will it take for real county animal control?

    To the editor:

    What is it going to take to stop pit bulls and other dogs killing from our pets?

    Under present laws, animal control can’t stop it. Perhaps a child being mauled will stop it. Will the county be sued?

  • Thank you for featuring kitten rescuer story

    To the editor:

    I would like to thank Laura Lewis and the Beacon for recognizing Joseph Anderson’s efforts to save five helpless kittens from the Brunswick County landfill.

    As a taxpayer in Sunset Beach, your story renews my faith in mankind.

    Little River, S.C., should be proud to have a citizen like Joseph Anderson who has the character and the moral compass to know the difference between right and wrong.

    Joe is welcome at my house anytime!

    Gary Kesler

    Sunset Beach

  • Thanks for supporting animal rescue and adoption

    To the editor:

    Thank you for featuring my foster dog Bon Bon on the front page of the Beacon on Oct. 19.

    She was adopted Saturday in Wilmington at a pet adoption fair the rescue group for which I volunteer, Rescue Animals Community Effort (R.A.C.E.), was participating.

    The lovely person who adopted Bon Bon saw that photo and said she knew she had to have her. Thank you to staff writer Laura Lewis for your love for all animals, especially rescues, and that awesome photo and story. I appreciate the Beacon’s coverage very much.