Today's Opinions

  • Why is Gilbert being picked on?

    To the editor: My question is: “What does Ray Gilbert’s personal life have to do with being an effective school board member?”

    Everyone holding a position on that board is not squeaky clean. Let’s just be real.

    I am starting to wonder what Ms. Hankins' motivations are. Instead of the board focusing on Ray Gilbert’s lifestyle, why not put the same or more efforts toward our schools?

  • Donate your time to help a teen

    To the editor: Each year, teens who age out of the Brunswick County foster care system are faced with new challenges as they enter the real world.

    Some of these teens are asking for assistance in learning how to face the challenges adults face routinely in the everyday world, how to select the best educational opportunities, how to prepare for a job interview, how to budget finances, how to buy and maintain an auto, how to deal with life’s surprises and more.

  • Printing bridge letter appreciated

    To the editor: Just a note to thank you and the Beacon staff for publishing my letter (SBTA was not against new bridge] in the Feb. 21 edition.

    I want to personally compliment your judgment in publishing letters (differing opinions) that don’t always agree with editor’s logic and line of reasoning. This is what good newspapering is all about.

  • Holden trash can deal a rip-off

    Holden trash can

    deal a rip-off

    To the editor: We are certainly sending this check reluctantly to Waste Industries, for a service we do not need at our house.

    We will have an extra trash can in our way, as it will not be used. What is more irritating is that we are paying for a service for eight months out of the year that we won’t be there. This is a rip-off to satisfy a few commissioners, which makes you feel mighty bad toward Holden Beach.

  • A woman can be president, but not this one

    To the editor: Though I am a man, it has been my hope that in my lifetime a person of the gentler gender would be considered qualified to ascend to our nation’s highest office.

    A woman is presently serving as Speaker of the House of Representatives. A woman is also our Secretary of State and another has already preceded her. We have women senators and governors.

    Yes, now is the time, and with all the qualified and experienced women who are out there, is Sen. Hillary Clinton really the best choice?

  • Government is our 'weak link'

    To the editor: I am undecided about who I am going to vote for. I am afraid of Barack Obama and have little confidence in Hillary Clinton.

    I think this year is the worst year we could have to decide on a president. I am going to vote for McCain and whoever he gets to run second with him. We need somebody who will hold this great nation in one piece and deliver us from corporate America and the lobbyists in Washington.

    Together, they have killed the little man in favor of corporate profits and political favorers.

  • Euthanasia article was important

    To the editor: I want to thank [Laura Lewis] for the article on euthanasia.

    I hope everyone in Brunswick County and surrounding counties reads the article and realizes what these poor helpless animals go through when they are shoved into the gas chamber.

    I wonder if any one of the shelter workers or wardens or the lobbyists or even the makers of the gas chamber ever went into it just to check it out—with the lights off, door closed and the feeling of no air.

    Bet you wouldn’t ever have to write another article on the gas chamber again.

  • Closed meetings must meet the letter of the law

    When an everyday citizen becomes an elected official, there’s often a tough road ahead. In addition to learning the ins and outs of basic government duties, officials have to educate themselves about the community they’re in, the topics they’re discussing and general government procedures.

    An important part of an elected position is understanding open meetings and open records law. Federal and state laws dictate how certain information is discussed, decided upon and shared with the public.