Today's Opinions

  • Is this really what is in our best interests?

    Earlier this week George Bush said “thank you” to all the telecommunications companies that have been conducting warrantless wiretapping since Sept. 11, 2001.

    He used the usual scare tactics to frighten the American people and the members of the House, saying “The enemy is calling into America, we really need to know what they’re saying, and we need to know what they’re thinking, and we need to know who they’re talking to.”

  • California here we bum

    California is a nice place to visit, but my son and I have elected not to live there because we can’t afford it.

    It isn’t just the fancy Beverly and Hollywood Hills mansions, fast-moving cars and highfalutin hotels we passed or that passed us by during our whirlwind trip last week.

    We already knew going in this is the world of ultra-riche movie stars and moviemakers, who had to don uncomfortable evening sequins and penguin suits and attend the boring Academy Awards.

  • Waccamaw parent wants apology for son

    To the editor: After speaking to several other mothers and grandmothers who have children in our school system, I felt the need to write this letter.

    I hear a lot of people ask why the youth today are growing up acting so disrespectful of others. I ask myself, why not?

  • Mayor, board act appropriately

    To the editor: The Feb. 21 letter to the editor concerning the mayor of Holden Beach disturbed me.

    Alan Holden’s welcome to everyone at the beginning of each board of commissioners meeting is a courteous and proper procedure. Although the general public is invited to regular meetings, this welcome supports our presence.

    In preparation for each regular meeting, the commissioners receive an individual packet of material, facts and updates concerning agenda items.

  • Why is Gilbert being picked on?

    To the editor: My question is: “What does Ray Gilbert’s personal life have to do with being an effective school board member?”

    Everyone holding a position on that board is not squeaky clean. Let’s just be real.

    I am starting to wonder what Ms. Hankins' motivations are. Instead of the board focusing on Ray Gilbert’s lifestyle, why not put the same or more efforts toward our schools?

  • Donate your time to help a teen

    To the editor: Each year, teens who age out of the Brunswick County foster care system are faced with new challenges as they enter the real world.

    Some of these teens are asking for assistance in learning how to face the challenges adults face routinely in the everyday world, how to select the best educational opportunities, how to prepare for a job interview, how to budget finances, how to buy and maintain an auto, how to deal with life’s surprises and more.

  • Printing bridge letter appreciated

    To the editor: Just a note to thank you and the Beacon staff for publishing my letter (SBTA was not against new bridge] in the Feb. 21 edition.

    I want to personally compliment your judgment in publishing letters (differing opinions) that don’t always agree with editor’s logic and line of reasoning. This is what good newspapering is all about.

  • Holden trash can deal a rip-off

    Holden trash can

    deal a rip-off

    To the editor: We are certainly sending this check reluctantly to Waste Industries, for a service we do not need at our house.

    We will have an extra trash can in our way, as it will not be used. What is more irritating is that we are paying for a service for eight months out of the year that we won’t be there. This is a rip-off to satisfy a few commissioners, which makes you feel mighty bad toward Holden Beach.