Today's Opinions

  • Senator should not get tenure

    To the editor:

    I am a Brunswick County resident and this election has me very concerned for what might be a mistake on the part of the citizens here. State Sen. Bill Rabon holds the N.C. State Senate seat and he has done nothing to help our district for the last two years. He seems to have one thing on his agenda and that is to be voted in for another two years so we, the voters, will be paying his tenure for life. That’s right, four years and he is paid for life.

  • Rabon seems to follow own political agenda

    To the editor:

    I have been living in Brunswick County for about a year and a half, and have been following local issues and politics in the news. From the reports and talking to other folks in the county, I get a picture of state Sen. Bill Rabon as arrogant and lacking concern for the citizens of District 8. He seems to be working on his own agenda and leaving us behind. Perhaps he expects to be re-elected because he is a Republican and has been elected in the past. I don’t think that is good enough.

  • Shame on Calabash commissioners

    To the editor:

    Calabash should be ashamed of its recent board of commissioners meeting. The recent passing of Commissioner Emily Distasio left a hole in our community, but this board didn’t miss a step. At the first meeting since Distasio’s passing, they appointed a new commissioner to the board, moved the photo of the departed commissioner out of the way and proceeded with business as usual.

  • Get off the middle of the road

    To the editor:

    There is a line in the British-made spy movie, “Page Eight,” starring Bill Nighy as Johnny Worricker as an MI-5 analyst, that clearly explains the consistently pathetic outcomes of the ideological and political conflicts of left versus right, of liberalism versus conservatism, and most assuredly the disastrous consequences of the last two presidential elections: People who stand in the middle of the road get killed.

  • Who do you believe in Sunset Beach?

    To the editor:

  • Football fanaticism feels like home

    I suppose it had to happen eventually: Until this past Sunday, all of this season’s losses for my beloved Cleveland Browns, the pro football team for my hometown, were by fewer than five points. Until the previous Sunday, they’d won all their games this season by five or fewer points, too.

  • Annual Halloween (sugar) cravings get (dental) brush-off

    Just in time for Halloween, my teeth, which are still all naturally mine somehow, paid a visit to my favorite, friendly dental office last week.

    Or, rather, I should say “Doctor Brush” (not his real name, but what a great one for a dentist) and his skilled staff paid a memorable drop-in visit to me and my six- and 12-year-old molars, which are older than that now.

  • Stop worrying and learn to love the zipper

    “The Zipper” is happening.

    For some of you, that’s all you needed to hear to have already figured out what I am talking about and are equally excited as I am.

    Others are perplexed, but I will let you in on my shorthand so you can join the rest of us in spreading the good news.

    The NCDOT has embraced, or should I say finally embraced, the zipper, which is only the simplest, easiest most obvious way to get stalled traffic moving along on highways, city streets or anywhere vehicles travel.