Today's Opinions

  • Mad Inlet site ideal for education

    To the editor:

    In reference to the story by Laura Lewis this week on Mad Inlet suggesting Ed Gore is open to the prospect of alternative uses for his undeveloped property on the western end of Sunset Beach bordering Bird Island, I want to commend Mr. Gore for considering the potential opportunity for dedicating his Mad Inlet property for educational purposes. He has already donated some property on the east end to N.C. State’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and this would be a similar demonstration of his public-minded philanthropy.

  • Luck o’ the Irish

    By Michael O’Hare


    In the early ‘60s, we moved from inner city Pittsburgh to a rural suburb. I was 9 and dreaded when March rolled around because I knew my Dad was going to make me wear the funny green hat and bright green jacket to school to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Birthdays bring some unexpected gifts

    Today, March 13, is my birthday, my first one here in Brunswick County. My parents are coming to town and so is my kid brother, and spending time with my family is all I really want this year.

    If there was one thing I could change about my birthday, it would be Daylight Saving Time. DST means getting up an hour earlier — bad news for night owls like me. Before 2007, we sprang forward after my birthday for DST. Three years ago, however, my birthday fell on the Sunday DST took effect, meaning my birthday only lasted 23 hours.

  • Puppy-mill law is needed in N.C.

    To the editor:

    In July 2012 in Brunswick County, 150 dogs were seized from a puppy mill in Leland.

    These dogs were on sale through the Internet and local ads. According to the owner, the dogs were AKC registered and the facility had been inspected by the AKC.

  • Believe it or don’t believe it: A family tree comes to life

    By London L. Gore

    Guest Columnist

    It’s all about a family tree that came to life more than 90 years ago, Dec. 19, 1923. I was mom’s first-born, a very handsome little white-headed newborn boy. I could always tell Mom was real happy with me, but Dad was in a hurry for me to grow up so I could do most of the plowing of the fields, and everything else. When you grew large enough back then to hold a hoe, then you go, go, go!

  • Readers should be proud of Beacon’s award-winning news team

    Just a few days before the Oscars, a week ago, the North Carolina Press Association had its own awards ceremony in Chapel Hill for excellence in journalism in 2013. I’m proud to say our team brought home eight of those awards.

  • It is OK to have the cupcake first

    By Kathleen DeNike

    Guest Columnist

    There is a difference between a dying process and a sudden death event, and they both leave very different opportunities for healing. Individuals given a terminal diagnosis often have time to reflect and address any issues should they want. Also, those connected to the dying usually have some time and opportunities for closure in their relationships. However, with a sudden and unexpected death, it is done. What the relationship was is what it is forever.

  • Tis the 'tweason' to take stock of what to give up

    We are dwelling in interesting times, and I don’t mean that ironically. At least I don’t think I do.

    I don’t just mean the weather giving us something to talk about — but hasn’t that been interesting? Beach temperatures one cherished, rare winter’s day, then we’re all hunkering down for the big, rare ice storm the next.