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  • Condolences make loss more bearable

    To the editor:

    On behalf of our recently deceased son, Patrick A. Smith, we appreciate this opportunity to let the huge community around us know how very grateful we are for the outpourings of condolence we have received.

  • New year starts out rough for many

    For me, 2015 started with a cough, followed by sneezing, and later a massive headache, swollen face, nausea, fever and chills. It wasn’t the flu or strep throat, thankfully. It was just a nasty upper respiratory infection that flattened me for the better part of the following week.

    “You get sick like this every time you’re under a lot of stress,” the nurse said, patiently explaining — again — how my continued inability to cope weakens my immune system. New year, same old me.

  • Commend Sunset Beach mayor, council for fiscal responsibility

    To the editor:

    I read with extreme interest the recent letter to the editor from Sunset Beach Mayor Ron Watts. As has been stated and proven via professional and state audits, the town of Sunset Beach is in sound financial status, contrary to recent letters to the editor. In my opinion, these letters challenging these budget items are merely a way of keeping some residents attuned to what they want to hear and keep a name in the press for a future political election bid. Sunset Beach has had many enhancing projects, and all without a tax increase.

  • County poised for major retail development

    To the editor:

    Brunswick County is the fastest-growing county in North Carolina, but it’s also the one county that’s mostly overlooked when it comes to new retail.

    The county honestly doesn’t know what we want because we don’t express our opinions enough. When it comes to new retail businesses and restaurants, there are a lot of things to take into consideration, but it doesn’t mean that in the end we won’t get it. It just means we have to be smart about it.

  • Fuel savings should pay for infrastructure

    To the editor:

    Dr. Mike Walden asked in his column, “How do we pay for infrastructure?” It is a no-brainer, Dr. Mike. Governments now have oodles of unanticipated savings.

  • Support Brunswick Christian Recovery Center

    To the editor:

    I just read there are between 6,000 and 7,000 addicts of various substances living in Brunswick County. These are people who we see and live with every day. They are friends, family members and co-workers. There is a Christian nonprofit that treats those who want to escape their addictions.

  • Holiday spirit evident in BFA Christmas distributions

    To the editor:

    The Christmas season is a time of giving and joy. This was aptly on display during Brunswick Family Assistance’s annual Christmas program in December when gifts were distributed in Shallotte and Leland.

    As a result of the goodwill and generosity of hundreds of neighbors in our community who donated toys, clothes and other presents, about 1,600 seniors and children from 776 families had a very joyous Christmas.