Today's Opinions

  • BSRI seeks holiday meal donations

    To the editor:

    Brunswick Senior Resources Inc. (BSRI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity providing senior services and resources in Brunswick County. Our mission is to promote the well being of and enhance the quality of life for all senior adults of Brunswick County.

    BSRI is the lead agency providing programs and services specifically designed for adults 60 and older. It serves more than 100,000 meals each year at 10 locations and through deliveries to homebound seniors through its Meals on Wheels program.

  • ‘Pyramids as a place’ poem

    To the editor:

    A prophetic poem to you will send

    And no one would I want to offend

    With him communications did exchange

    Something appeared to seem so strange.

    The way he speaks and shuts his eyes

    Is a surprise to thank that he is wise

    Has defense mechanisms out of control

    Still insisting God is saving his soul.

    It is beginning to appear and be apparent

    Is suffering from disorder that is inherent

    Are some things you should thinking about

  • What used to be good is bad

    To the editor:

    After hosting Nigerian missionaries this past October, my wife and I will have a better appreciation for the holidays.

    The husband and wife team maintain an orphanage for 400 children. While Americans enjoy regular meals and then later watch TV with a snack, these orphans live uncertain if there will be any food at all the next day. They are grateful to have a bite of meat on Christmas. They are delighted to be given a paper napkin that has an airline logo on it.

  • Thank you for flood assistance

    To the editor:

    We live in Carolina Shores and on Oct. 2 our home was flooded with nine inches of water throughout. We, among many other neighbors, did not have flood insurance. There are eight homes without flood insurance and 35 or so homes that were flooded.

  • Ending the chapter of another eventful weekend

    As I write this column, I’m looking forward to a Sunday full of big plans to sleep and do my laundry — hopefully as much of the former as there is of the latter, which was caused by three straight weekends of hosting family in my home.

  • Thank you to campaign volunteers, town voters

    To the editor:

    We extend our heartfelt thanks to the many friends who volunteered their time to work tirelessly on our behalf during the campaign. Many of you also stood with us, and continued working at the polls on Election Day.

    We also greatly appreciate the support throughout our entire town and commend all who trekked to the polls through such inclement weather.

    It is our vow to listen to your voices and act responsibly to your concerns.

    Joyce Dunn, mayor-elect

    Gere Dale and Mary Timothy, commissioners-elect

  • Forgo Christmas party in favor of SBIC donation

    To the editor:

    I have just received my Carolina Shores Bulletin. It somewhat disturbed me that the usual Christmas party, which has always been free, will now have $10 admission.

    It occurs to me I would rather not attend this affair. By the time I pay the $10 and then have a drink for my wife and me, we would have spent the same as having dinner out.

    It is my contention that I will contribute to the South Brunswick Interchurch Council to provide a dinner for families in southern Brunswick County. I think that $20 will be more than well spent.

  • Can efficiency save our natural resources?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    North Carolina could add 3.5 million people over the next 40 years. That’s a 40 percent jump from today’s total.

    While there are questions about where new people will live, what jobs they will have and how they will commute within the state, perhaps a bigger question is their impact on our natural resources — specifically water and energy.