• Action during spring break
  • Tough weather produces even tougher fishing

     Over the Memorial Day weekend, the offshore action has gone from one extreme to another. Last week (May 22-26) we were experiencing a typical, late spring offshore pattern as fishermen were having success with both bottom fishing and top water action in almost any depth range. From mahi-mahi near the gulf stream to Spanish Mackerel along the beachfront, the fishing remained consistent. Then like a light switch, strong winds swept across our coast, leaving nothing but dirty, churned water behind.

  • Weather improves, spring fishing is here

    By Capt. Derek Treffinger

    As I stated in my column last week, all our fishery needed was light winds and a little warm weather, and last week gave us just that.

    The near shore bite has improved with the arrival of Atlantic bonito and big chopper bluefish. Farther offshore, the Gulf Stream bite has picked up significantly as well. The telltale signs of spring are finally among us, and with spring break and Easter upon us it couldn’t have come at a better time.

  • Waiting for warm water to agitate action

    By Capt. Derek Treffinger

    Unfortunately, the conclusion of the first week of April has been uneventful here in the Brunswick County fishing world. And once again, the lack of action is related to water temperature and weather.

  • Get ready to go fishing

    Spring break will start for many of our grade school children this coming week. About half of the schools in our area will be out the week before Easter and the other half the week after Easter. This is normally the Brunswick beaches’ first real busy start to the season. The fishing schedule has started to fill up, so don’t wait to book your trip. The weather forecast looks a little wet a couple of days this week, but the weekend is looking good.

  • Time to spring into fishing
  • This March has been tough fishing month

    By Capt. Derek Treffinger

  • Fish biting despite confusing weather

    By Capt. Jacob Frick

  • Fishermen welcome Kingfish Cup tournament series

    By Capt. Derek Treffinger

    March can be an extremely fickle month both with fishing and weather. Many of the local fishermen call this month and April transition months because of how much changes within the fishing world between the last cold front and that first day your car air-conditioner is on full blast. Typically, local fishermen spend their time maintaining and upgrading their boats yet eagerly wait for the next calm day to make the run to the Gulf Stream.

  • Spring is here, but where are the fish?

    By Capt. Derek Treffinger

    Throughout this past week, many of us probably had to remind ourselves that we do in fact live in North Carolina and not South Florida. One could expect these temperatures in March and April, but 82 degrees in the middle of February is incredible. With how warm the weather has been, many Brunswick County fishermen ventured out on the water to try to shake off some cabin fever.