• Glimmers of hope in fishing world

    I opened the door this morning and was greeted to an arctic blast, which resulted in an immediate about-face and wardrobe adjustment.

  • Sluggish backwater bite

    The backwaters surrounding the Ocean Isle Beach area have not been producing the kind of action expected for this time of year.
    The flounder bite has been on and off with only a few good fish biting a hook. Red drum and black drum have gotten picky in their feeding habits. Trout seem to be spread all over the place, making them hard to target. I can only speculate that the back-and-forth weather patterns have continued to play a role in making our resident fish sluggish and slowing down the flow of migrating fishing into our waters.

  • May-Vember?
 One of these days it really will be May

    This is one of those weeks when it’s tough to be a fishing report columnist. It’s supposed to be the time of year when the fishing is at its best and I’m full of reports and fish stories from inshore to offshore. Instead I’m going to sound like a broken record poormouthing the rotten weather we’ve been experiencing.

  • Changing weather patterns keep fishing a challenge

    All right, guys. See that little patch of grass sticking out a little farther than the rest? See the little rip on the down current side? There should be some trout where the smooth water meets the faster-moving water. Josh Benton, from Raleigh, tosses a chicken-bone colored Paul Brown lure into the smooth water and immediately hooks a trout. We throw everything we had at them for about 30 minutes without another bite.

  • Fishing season is starting slowly

    I wish I had more to say, but the past couple of weeks have been pretty uneventful in the offshore fishing world. Cool, windy and now damp weather have kept the fishermen and fish in a holding patter. And it was all looking so good just a few weeks back.

  • Three steps forward, two steps back

    I can’t say I am excited about the way this past week ended. The speckled trout were busting it earlier last week but died off by the weekend. Small flounder were being caught all through the backwaters from Dunn Sound to Lockwood Folly River, but I can’t say the weekend provided great results.

  • Sneak peek no more; get out on the water and go fishing

    The weather can be so cruel. It builds you up into a euphoric enjoyment of the outdoors, only to drop you flat on your face by way of 30-knot north winds and 40-degree temperatures.

  • Kids are little windows to the past

    The conditions were as if they were pulled straight from a fisherman’s dream. The backwater was so settled and calm it appeared to be a mirror.
    The Biersbach family, of Sunset Beach, and I loaded up the boat, putting the first ripples of life onto the surface of the water. You ever get that feeling things are too perfect and something is going to jump out of the shadows at any minute?
    We rounded the corner with the hammer down, rushing to our first area in hopes of catching a few redfish.

  • Finally, a fishing report...wahoo!

    By Barrett McMullan
    Fishing Columnist

  • Make adjustments during April showers: Be willing to move

    Our first week of great weather came to a screaming halt Friday morning. We had our first good low-pressure system dump several inches of rain on us very fast. We needed the rain, but getting it all at once can really make backwater fishing a challenge.