• The light at the end of the tunnel: Spring

     One thing I know for certain is it has been one long and cold winter. Even well into April, we are having trouble shaking the effects of winter. Obviously it was cold, but the other kicker has been all the rain. However, as we approach Easter weekend, I feel as if the light at the end of the tunnel is bright, and yes, we are going to get back to fishing.

  • Hero or zero fishing
  • Scouting your fishing area is important

     Conditions are forever changing in our waters around the Brunswick islands. We have inlets filling in and inlets getting dredged that will move sand, making it important to learn new navigation routes this coming season. Freshwater runoff will drop salinity levels and stain the water, possibly moving fish to other areas. Strong currents and strong winds will stir up silt in the water, making it nearly impossible for fish to breath. It will be important to ride around your favorite fishing areas looking for these changing conditions for better success this year.

  • It is good sign speckled trout are biting


  • Game Fish Bill 983
  • Fish biting on warm days


  • Spring fishing gets started

     By Jacob Frick

    Spring fishing gets started

  • New and old threats to our fishery

    According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this fun roller coaster ride may not be over just yet. Last week dished out rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow and even a little earthquake. The Farmer’s Almanac has been right so far this year, as it predicted last week’s winter weather nearly perfectly.

  • Winter redfish still biting

    After enduring last week’s ice storm, many of us are really starting to feel the effects of cabin fever. The weather finally made a turn and warmed up nicely this past weekend. Taking a look at the immediate forecast it appears that we may be coming close to the end of our roller coaster ride. Monday is going to be unusually warm, but temperatures start to level this week around our average for this time of year. Water temperatures have dipped into the mid-40s but should rebound a bit with a little sunshine.

  • Fishing from a kayak has benefits

    Kayak fishing has become more and more popular the last few years. I purchased a kayak many years ago because it was the cheapest way for me to get to the water. It was the only boat I could talk my wife into letting me purchase at the time. I would see very few kayaks on the water and got strange looks from boaters in the waterway. Some boaters would even pull alongside joking with me. Kayaking used to be just for sightseers but they now are custom-built for fishing. Fishing from a kayak has many advantages and benefits.