• Fishing from a kayak has benefits

    Kayak fishing has become more and more popular the last few years. I purchased a kayak many years ago because it was the cheapest way for me to get to the water. It was the only boat I could talk my wife into letting me purchase at the time. I would see very few kayaks on the water and got strange looks from boaters in the waterway. Some boaters would even pull alongside joking with me. Kayaking used to be just for sightseers but they now are custom-built for fishing. Fishing from a kayak has many advantages and benefits.

  • Show and tell: New fishing products
  • Time to check boat, regulations

    Mother Nature has been bouncing the weather around like a rubber ball. One day the temperature will be near 70 degrees, but by morning will be in the 20s. The winds have been ruthless the last week, as well. Last Friday the wind was gusting well above 30 knots. The dreary winter days have come too soon this year. It is usually February before we see the frigid temperatures we have already experienced this year. Maybe the weather pattern will settle down once Mother Nature becomes bored with her rubber ball.

  • Carolina Slam in December

    The events of my day ate away more daylight than I anticipated. Taking a quick peek out the window to check the tide and quickly gathering my fishing gear, I hit the water. The goal was to continue testing out a rod made by Cousins Tackle. Having only about an hour to get it done, I stayed close to home. Because I was in test mode, I decided to use some different soft plastics, as well.

  • Trout and redfish are still biting
  • Specks bite sporadic, drum strong

    The cold weather showed up in full force over the Thanksgiving holiday, making nearly perfect conditions to send lots of ducks our way and really bunch up our fish.
    I went out of town for Thanksgiving and did not return to the beach until late Thursday night. The fishing conditions looked pretty good to do some scouting Friday morning.

  • Speckled trout action continues in nice weather

    The weather could not have been more beautiful this past weekend. The winds were calm with air temperatures holding right around 70 degrees. It is kind of crazy to think it was snowing earlier in the week.

  • Local teams dominate national fishing competition

    Brunswick County once again has shown itself as the center of the king mackerel fishermen’s universe, taking first- and second-place in the Southern Kingfish Association’s National Championship tournament.

  • Cold weather brings speck-tacular action in inshore fishing

    High pressure building around the Great Lakes region is sending us another shot of cold air. Many of us complain about the cold air and I will admit it takes some getting used to. A blast of cold air has some serious benefits, too. Fishermen and hunters alike know this will send lots of ducks our way, deer will walk more often and the fish will tighten up in larger schools. Where will all the cold air send the fish?

  • Watch for blue tails waving like a flag

    The combination of light winds and slack tidal current let the water clear up nicely last week. These conditions allowed us to see schools of reds working along the grass edges weaving through the oyster beds. Sometimes just seeing these schools of redfish is enough and catching them is just icing on the cake.