• Rivers Edge to host 2014 Tournament of Champions


    We’ve come a long way, baby.

    I’m referring to the Brunswick Beacon Tournament of Champions. The first event was held at Tiger’s Eye in Ocean Ridge in December of 2004. Our men’s and women’s champions from 11 local clubs competed over two days of medal play. Marie Strickler of Carolina Shores won the women’s division; Richard Curwen of St. James won the men’s. 

  • Scores, highlights of area golf leagues


    Results of the Stableford event Friday, Feb. 21, at Crow Creek. The winners with a score of +18 were Dan O’Connell, Jim Ritter, Tom Culverwell and John Beairsto. Second were Ed Redman, Larry Cecil, Dick Cecil and Scott McBean, +11.5. Ed Nocella was most over his points, +9. Gary Gutheil had the lowest score, 88. Dan O'Connell had the lowest net, 65. O’Connell is the golfer of the week. He led the winning team with a score of 89 and was +7.



  • Spring fashion blooms at Lori’s Golf Shoppe

    I am so sick and tired of cold weather, sleet, snow, freezing rain and golf courses that are closed or restricted to cartpath-only rules. I don’t want to wear hats, scarves, earmuffs, sweaters and long johns anymore. I want to stick my down vest into the storage closet, where it belongs.

  • ChampionsGate a great golf venue

    As we travel around the country, it’s fun to try new places, new golf courses and new accommodations. We were in Florida for three weeks this winter, visiting old friends and playing golf in several guest days.

    That is the best part of golf, because it’s not just a sport. Golf is also a social event and can morph into several days of fun, food and camaraderie.

  • On the golf course, be aware, be considerate

    Every year or so, I write a column about slow play, praying that it will help move folks around the golf course faster. Everyone hates slow play and even the PGA and the USGA have come out with various campaigns and slogans recently. Most memorable are the “while we’re young” videos that have appeared during various televised golf tournaments.    
    Slow play is a persistent problem and we need to change our way of thinking about it.  Perhaps we need to ask ourselves if we are a problem.  

  • Course raters: A new perspective on golf

    Golf is a unique sport with an infinite number of variables.  
    Unlike other sports, golf is played on 5 miles of earth, over hills and valleys, across ponds and creeks. There are trees and bunkers and various grassy surfaces on the tee box, the fairway, the rough and the green.    

  • Grab your best partner and come to The Golf Ball

    Men, dust off your tuxedo or your best sport jacket and bow tie.   
    Ladies, get on your dancing shoes and your silk dress. Find your feather boa or your fur.  
    Valentine’s Day is coming and it’s time for The Golf Ball. This is a totally awesome dinner dance (black tie optional) and a perfect place to take your spouse or significant other for a romantic evening of fine food, music, dancing, camaraderie and candlelight.  
    It’s all for a good cause: The First Tee of Brunswick County scholarship fund.

  • Ashley Sloup: Good things ahead
  • Two Carolinas PGA events coming to Leland

    This year will be exciting for Brunswick County golfers. Two Carolinas PGA events are coming to Cape Fear National.  
    On July 28-29, the Carolinas PGA Senior professionals will tee it up. Thais prestigious tournament is for members of the Carolinas PGA who are 50 or older. The major sponsor for this event is Mercedes-Benz.   
    On Sept. 28-29, the Carolinas PGA will play its annual Pro-Am. Each PGA pro will play with three amateurs. The major sponsor is National Car Rental.  

  • Get fit for golf: Keep moving during the winter season

    We’re at the start of winter now. What a perfect time to follow up on those wistful resolutions we make every year about joining a gym, walking every day, buying an exercise bike, getting a set of weights.
    In short, we want to get fit. We know if we start an exercise program and stay the course, we’ll reap benefits. Our blood pressure will come down, our joints will ache less and our clothes will fit better. Our golf game will improve because we’ll be stronger, more flexible and more balanced in our swing.