Adam Fulford wins fifth race this season at Myrtle Beach Speedway

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It was an exciting night for racing at Myrtle Beach Speedway Saturday night as two new faces visited victory lane. 

To start the events on a hot and humid Saturday was the kids’ weekly bike race. The Hot Rod series winner was McKayla Sweeney, who traveled to Myrtle Beach, S.C., from Ohio to support Street Stock series driver Mark Hale. Adam Fulford won his third bike race of the season as he held off Jack Barnhill and newcomer Aiden Hetu, of Wilmington. 

Tom Hudson started on the pole of the Mini-Stock race. Hudson couldn’t hold on it for long before current points leader Adam Fulford took the lead on the first lap. By the sixth lap, Hudson began to challenge Dub Fulford for his second position. The battle didn’t last long, as Dub Fulford brought his No. 72 mini-stock into the garage area on lap nine. 

Brian Bryant was determined to keep his sixth-place position as the bumper cover of the No. 38 was dragging the ground, but he eventually came in on lap 11. With only a couple laps to go, Harry Floyd made a clean pass in turns three and four around Hudson to claim second place. Adam Fulford brought home his fifth win of the 2010 season. 

The Limited Late Models put on quite a show for the crowd at the track. There were four cars that were first-timers of the 2010 racing season: No. 08 of Tommy Poole, No. 25 of Remington Prince, No. 28 of Merrick Driggers and No. 7 of Caleb Harrelson. 

The previous Limited Late Model race winner, Dal Wright, won the pole. The Black Cat of Randall Roberts started beside him. Roberts took the lead on the first lap, but Wright was quick to steal it back by the second lap. 

As the top five cars fell into a line form, Brian Vause in the No. 55 and Sammy Scarpelli in the No. 95 had a good battle for seventh. The No. 11 car of Lucas Williams had caught up with race leader by lap 11. On lap 18, Harrelson couldn’t hold on to his loose car and spun out in turn two, causing the first caution of the night. On the restart, Harrelson jumped back into position and ended up having a solid sixth-place finish. Vause also got loose, in turn four, causing the second caution of the night. Williams seemed to be having some trouble on the restarts as his No. 11 dove to the inside, allowing the field to pass on both restarts. Once he got through turn one, he was making his way back through the field. 

With five laps left, Barnhill picked up speed and took second place away from the No. 25 of Prince. Wright took his No. 8 car to victory lane for the fourth time this season. This victory was celebrated by giving his trophy to 5-year-old Mason Sweeney from Ohio. Sweeney grinned as Wright reminisced of his childhood memories at the racetrack in victory lane. 

During the qualifying session for the trucks, the track temperature wasn’t the only thing that increased. The truck’s speeds got quicker as it got later in the afternoon. Ronnie Daniels won his second pole of the season, with his first lap being 21.68 seconds. 

Daniels was the truck to beat as he led all 50 laps of the feature race. Clay Thomas qualified his No. 99 truck second and stuck to that position for the race. The battling between positions happened in the middle of the field. On lap 8, Jamie Weatherford, Ryan Hall and Kevin Parsons were going three wide, racing for fourth. 

John Brown and Spencer Euler brought out the caution on lap 22 for racing hard into turn four and turning each other around. With Daniels in nothing but clean air, Hall and Weatherford kept making clean passes for third. Daniels celebrated his first victory of the season.

The Street Stock division welcomed back some familiar drivers to the track this week. Keith Ferrell, who started on the pole, brought his No. 32 out of the garage and back to the track. Along with Ferrell were the No. 82 of Ron Miller and the No. 7 of Randy Jaroszek. Ferrell lead the largest street stock field of the season and celebrated his victory with a burnout. 


1. 71-Adam Fulford, 2. 63-Harry Floyd, 3. 54-Tom Hudson, 4. 48-Kevin Kenney, 5. 98-Chris Mills, 6. 6-Craig Schiel, 7. 13-Joey Stevens, 8. 5-Clay Smith, 9. 38-Brian Bryant, 10. 72-Dub Fulford. 

Limited-Late Models

1. 8-Dal Wright, 2, 15-Kevin Barnhill, 3. 95-Sammy Scarpelli, 4. 11-Lucas Williams, 5. 55-Brian Vause, 6. 7-Caleb Harrelson, 7. 28-Merrick Driggers, 8. 08-Tommy Poole, 9. 13-Randall Roberts, 10. 25-Reminton Prince (DQ).

Super Trucks

1. 10-Ronnie Daniels, 2. 99-Clay Thomas, 3. 66- Ryan Hall, 4. 00-Jamie Weatherford, 5. 13-B.J. Hucks, 6. 03-Kerry Lawrence, 7. 98-Kevin Parsons, 8. 0-Joshua Polk, 9. 29-John Brown. 10. 09-Spencer Euler.

Street Stock

1. 32-Kieth Ferrell, 2. 55-Mark Hale, 3. 82-Ron Miller, 4. 3-Thomas Poole, 5. 47-Clay Gossett, 6. 21-David Hatchell, 7. 14-Chris Harrington, 8. 7-Randy Jaroszek.