Adoption, a special and loving experience

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To the editor:
Most of us know about adoption or have adopted children in our own families or know of others who have adopted children. A child of adoption is special because they were chosen.
We hear about illegal adoptions and these facts can be messy, it can be emotional. Sometimes the procedures can take forever.
After several years of marriage and the desire for children, my husband and I looked into adoption; we preferred a baby, boy or girl. Nine months later we got a phone call from the social worker for us to meet a baby boy.  
When we saw this beautiful blond wavy-haired baby, we went head over heels. The social worker thought this baby would be a good fit and allowed us to bring the baby home to try it out. We didn’t have a stitch of baby items.
We made some phone calls, borrowed a crib and went to a local store to get the basics. I was given baby showers. We were adapting well as new adoptive parents. We named our son Doug and he was baptized in our local church.
Doug was an easy, healthy and happy baby. I’ll always remember the official adoption date of March 6, 1970. Adoptions can be expensive, but the shocking cost to adopt Doug was $1.
Doug is now married and lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and their 10-year-old daughter. For us to adopt, it was a great and loving experience.
Marcia Crosby
Sunset Beach