Answers sought after another child dies

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The death of a child is sad enough. But when a child dies at the hands of someone else with hardly a hint of explanation, it’s horrifying.
Within a little over a year’s time frame, that’s exactly what has happened in Shallotte. Two small children—a 3-year-old and a 4-month-old baby—have died with little to no information provided about the circumstances leading to their deaths.
On March 1, 2012, 3-year-old Jaronn Ladale McAllister died after being injured in Shallotte. Two men—two suspects—were in the Paisley Drive apartment the night Jaronn was fatally injured. To this day neither has been charged with his death.
Jaronn’s 35-pound body was covered in bruises, primarily on his head, upper chest and abdomen. His liver was lacerated in five places, and there was hemorrhaging.
Over a year later, one of the suspects, 28-year-old Montey Andrea Murray, remains incarcerated under $100,000 bond at the Brunswick County Detention Center, on charges of assault with a weapon on a government official and fleeing/eluding arrest with a motor vehicle. Those charges are related to Murray’s fleeing and pursuit by law enforcement officers the day Murray left Jaronn at the local hospital, where the child later died.
The second suspect was released from jail after serving 60 days last year after pleading guilty to simple possession of a schedule VI controlled substance, misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia and felony manufacturing of marijuana.
On June 2, 4-month-old Colton Tillman Richardson died after being injured May 29 at another Shallotte residence.
Nineteen-year-old Randy Lee Richardson, listed on the birth certificate as the baby’s father, was arrested and charged three days later with Colton’s murder.
Other than that, emergency and law enforcement officials have declined to provide details surrounding the baby’s death. So far, Brunswick County Emergency Services has declined to release the 911 recording of the call made the day Colton was injured, citing the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and an explanation that it was a medical call.
The day Richardson was arrested, the sheriff’s office sent out a press release stating it would not be releasing any further information about the case.
While we understand the importance of due diligence in investigations such as these, there is also accountability and a need for answers in a community where children shouldn’t have to die.
We hope investigating agencies are striving for justice in both of these cases.
The lives of two small, innocent children are surely worth it.