Appalled by antics in Sunset Beach

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To the editor:
When I read the Beacon each week, I am consistently appalled by the reports of the actions of our town government. It is time for the governing officials of the town of Sunset Beach to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the positions to which they were elected.
Ladies, pull in your cat-claws.
Gentlemen, drop that cocked leg you’ve been using to mark your territory.
You’re not grade-school children squabbling on the playground. Stop being an embarrassment to the town and to yourselves. If you’re not ashamed and embarrassed by your actions, you should be. I’m embarrassed for you and the town.
This same town governing body takes credit for the new boat ramp and fishing pier. How can we use this lovely pier when the only parking provided is for vehicles with boat trailers? Vehicles without a trailer are subject to a $150 fine, just one more example of brilliant planning by our town officials.
Elaine Wright
Sunset Beach